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This recipe is similar to the Old New Orleans Irish Stew that I have made many, many times for my family.The difference is that the meat was seasoned, then dusted with flour.I also added i chopped bell pepper with onion and celery to the pot with meat drippings and sauteed them before adding any liquid.Cornstarch was added if needed to thicken.Otherwise the recipe was a beginning for stew. The taste was very good either way. Cooking time was the same. Sometimes I added diced potatoes and carrots to give the stew more body.

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eccrevisse6 January 27, 2008

Everyone I make this recipe for raves and raves... It is awsome. I do Italianize it a little. A change a few things. I dont add water, I add beef broth, dont add sugar or celery. I dont do the cornstarch thing either. When it is done cooking I add potato gnocchi to turn it into meat and potatos. This recipe gets the highest raitings in my house.

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hznidarcic October 24, 2010

I made this stew when visiting my parents. We all loved it! Great recipe. My dad is specifically asking me to make it again the next time I visit. My mom even went back for seconds and that is a rare thing.

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lilcricket229 December 13, 2008

The best stew ever! It is a staple at our house and I now cook stewing beef for stroganoff and roasts in the same way. Delicious!

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blessed1indeed June 12, 2008

I am torn between a 3 and 4 star rating for this recipe. The stew meat was very tender and loved the vegetables. I didnt have allspice so I added a dash of cloves and I think that might have been the problem for us. The broth has a sweeter flavor that I dont think went very well with the meat and veges. It was also a bit on the bland side for us, maybe using vegetable or beef broth would help flavor that more. Also needs some herbs to balance out the sweet flavor. With a little tweaking this would be a very good stew.

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lauralie41 August 28, 2007
Old-Time Beef Stew Recipe Courtesy Paula Deen