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My first kitchenaid bread! So easy and wonderful! I substituted 1 cup of whole wheat flour. I found that the "2" loaves were too big for my pans, so I divided them up into 4 loaves on two trays. My family LOVED it! I feared that some of the bread would get "hard", but after complete cooling I wrapped in plastic wrap...I desperately wanted the bread not to get old and hard! We loved it for dinner, the texture was amazing. The next morning I sliced some and made "oven toast and butter". My husband and son made sandwiches out of it for lunch and dinner...the smaller baguette sized loaf I cut up and lightly toasted in the oven for "mini toast" for dipping in hummus...we ate it all and I was surprised how it stayed soft in the middle until it was gone! It was a little "heavy" for sandwiches, I sliced mine instead of having it "roll" style into mini slider sandwiches so it was thinner and less heavy. I fear my new breadmaking will not be good for our waistlines!

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miccikoz May 23, 2010

My wife makes this bread and it is some of the best bread I have ever had. This recipe is fantastic!!!

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jman73 December 09, 2012

Shazam! Easy as it gets. Thanks for clear instructions - the only thing I did differently was to bake on parchment rather than cornmeal/oil. No issues at all.

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Steve_G March 04, 2012

I've made this bread a number of times. It's very easy. I still haven't gotten the crust just how I like it---I would like it to be a bit more flavorsome and chewy, but it is still without a doubt the best bread I've been able to make at home. It freezes amazingly well. I slice it up in advance and stick it in a plastic bag and then in the freezer. I make sandwiches for work in the morning with the frozen bread and by lunch time, it tastes very fresh. Not soggy at all...in fact, at this point the crust is the closest to how I like it.

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curie January 02, 2012

I made this for the Youth Group dinner. It turned out great.
I will definitely make it again.

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thejonesgal June 07, 2011

Just finished making this! I've never made bread before in my life. This was perfect! I'm so excited! It was a hit with my whole family. I also skipped the egg wash step and used the butter as another posted suggested. It was wonderful!

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isgarp January 31, 2010

This is so easy, fast prep time, and doesn't involve a lot of clean-up. I even taught my 13 year old son to make it. Absolutely the BEST french bread. Just like the rustic loaves I always wished I could make! Thank you for the recipe!

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Chefjan72 January 15, 2010

This was the first bread I have EVER attempted to bake and I honestly went into this with a little reluctance - but let me tell you, the recipe and instructions couldn't be any simpler and the bread came out absolutely divine - so soft on the inside, and the crust was just right, a lovely crunch to it but not too hard. I baked my bread for just about 27 minutes in a 450 degree oven (skipping the egg wash step entirely) and brushed butter onto the crust as soon as it came out - covered with a dry dish towel until it cooled - delicious! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe and helping me get over my fear of not being able to bake a good loaf of bread! :)

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joannaeread December 04, 2009

perfect! this was the first loaves of bread I have EVER made from scratch and they were so wonderful. I didn't do the egg wash, but I brushed with butter after taking the out of the oven. Also, I put 3 cubes of ice on the oven floor 3 times, every 10 minutes and the crust was soft as can be.

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fair1hew October 03, 2009

I made this recipe exactly as it is written, perfect! We loved it and they looked beautiful. Nice and plump, not flat. And delicious. Made this and used the easy garlic bread spread recipe number 18914 from food.com as well. So yummy. :-) I definatley recommend. :-) I already wrote the recipe down on a recipe card and am on my way to add it to my recipe box! Thank you!!

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Barzcowgirl November 13, 2012
"Old Reliable" French Bread (for Kitchen Aid Mixers)