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I rate this recipe 5 stars because it made me look like a rock star!!! I'm a dude and dudes typically don't cook right?? Well, let me tell you, dude or not, if you follow the directions, this bread will turn out fabulous!!! Some notes for others that haven't made bread.....don't make the slices on top too deep, just cut the surface. Could cut lengthwise too. Pinch the ends tight also. What you see prior to the oven will be what you get after. You can expect to get flour everywhere too. A Pam Cooking Spray Can will work for a rolling pin. Find pesto spread, olive oil and some parmesan cheese and hide the remaining loaves from your family cuz they'll be gone in the morning.

No need to pinch yourself.......you are awake!!

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The Dude January 27, 2011

The end result was finally tasty, though I came across a couple small problems that can easily be remedied next time I make this (which indeed I will!!). My first problem was the cornmeal that wasn't under the bread started to smoke in the oven. I am not sure if it was because of the greased pan. Secondly, the the temperature must have been a tad to much because my crust was extra strong. But MMMH, the inside was lovely. Do try!

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sunny_day March 25, 2003

Wow! Very good! I had never made homemade French Bread before and will definitely do again! Thank you!

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Kikimony March 24, 2003

When i first found this recipe, i was super excited because i had just receiveda kitchenaid for christmas. Well my first attempt failed miserably, due to my water being too hot and killing the yeast. Until i tried again today and everything went swell! This bread is TO DIE FOR! it has a great texture to it and tastes delicious! I just changed two things due to the comments i had read, i baked it for 27 minutes on 425 degrees F (as opposed to 25 min on 325) and instead of the egg wash, i melted butter and brushed it onto the loaves and let it bake again for 4 minutes! All in all this was a fantastic reciped and thank you SO SO SO much for posting it :)

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KierstenCreations January 05, 2011

Oh..this was amazing! I am the worlds worst bread maker (although and exceptional cook/baker)! :) I have ruined many a loaf of bread with my Kitchen Aid Mixer. This turned out absolutely perfect!!!! I did shorten the cooking time to 25 minutes at 450 degrees and then 4 minutes after the egg wash. I also sprinkled it with coarse kosher salt after the egg wash. Will definitely make this again!!!

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cherie.godbey May 26, 2011

Great, easy recipe that made wonderful bread. I halved the recipe and made one loaf. I baked it a 425 for about 30 min with a pan of water in the oven. Made a thick, firm crust and chewy bread - just the way we like it. My BF says I can make it anytime I want.

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galponetta October 10, 2010

I can't believe I made this!!!! When I pulled these loaves out of the oven....I was so proud! It's silly but I don't really make bread, not my first time, but something i could take to a dinner:) You have to try this. I can't wait to try a wheat version!

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medorn0 May 28, 2011

I'm so glad this recipe was posted, since I couldn't find my Kitchenaid booklet! The French Bread was a big hit!! My kids have asked me to NEVER buy French Bread from the store again! This is a keeper for my recipe book! One extra thing I did was spray the dough with a couple mists of water just before putting it the oven. Also spraying the sides of the oven with water as well. I quickly closed the oven door to trap the burst of steam!

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bridgetmendoza November 22, 2010

Fantastic! I wanted to make soup and grilled cheese for dinner and the only french bread that I can buy locally is too flat for grilled cheese. And then I found this recipe. Many thanks! I made one loaf as directed and the second in a loaf pan. This far exceeded my expectations and using this recipe will likely end up being a weekly routine.

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Lifeswruff November 21, 2010

Perfect! Just like the loaf you get fresh from the grocery store only cheaper and I didn't have to go anywhere. This was my first time making bread with a Kitchenaid mixer and was happy to discover that it really is as easy as they say. Thanks, this is a keeper.

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Nicest of the damned November 10, 2010
"Old Reliable" French Bread (for Kitchen Aid Mixers)