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I don't usually like wine in recipes, so I used i cup of water and beef bullion instead. I think the onion soup flavor is a little too much, next time I think I'll use less than the two whole packages. The meat was very tender, and the vegetables were all good and well flavored, they needed nothing extra. Good recipe.

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ClassyMarySue July 07, 2003

This was a great recipe. I think the red wine made all the difference. I am not overly fond of roast, but thanks to this recipe, I will probably be preparing roast for the family more often.

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Jellyqueen May 06, 2003

Making this on Sunday. I will make a couple changes after reading the recipe. I will add onions to the bottom of the crock-pot. I will use 1 envelope of onion soup mix and 1 envelope of dry ranch salad mix with 8oz of fresh mushrooms the last 2 hours of cooking time. I trust this will make a better gravy and add more veggies to this meal.

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baltisraul January 10, 2014

Made for DH and DD and they inhaled it! They raved and raved! Leftovers made fantastic roast sandwiches. The veggies came out perfect and the flavor was so yummy! This was easy and delicious. Went together FAST! Put everything together the night before, stored in fridge, popped into the crock pot base in the morning and supper was ready to go! How much easier can that be? My crock is new and cooks faster so I only needed about 7 hours for everything to get done. I cut the celery and carrots rather large about 2 and 1/2 inches long and left the potatoes unpeeled. Used small red potatoes so they were just about twice as large as the celery and carrots. The celery was a little soft for us so next time I may put it on the very top- I think that is where it cooks slower but I will check and put them wherever the slower cooking occurs. This is a wonderful way to have a great Sunday type supper! Thanks Bev! Made for Beverage Tag.

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) January 31, 2008

Very nice. I used a 1.7 kilo beef roast and added two small quartered red onions. Towards the end of cooking I also added some finely grated zucchini. For any Aussie's/Kiwi's I used two 35g packets of Maggi Onion soup. I'm not a huge thyme fan so only used 1 teaspoon and because we don't get garlic pepper seasoning here in Oz I used lemon pepper seasoning. At the very end of cooking I took the roast and veggies out and placed the sauce into my Pyrex jug and placed into the freezer for the fat to set on the top. Once set I skimmed all the fat off, added about four tablespoons of cornflour (cornstarch), whisked really well and reheated in the microwave. Perfect gravy for a lovely roast. Great Sunday night dinner, thank you.

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Jewelies July 29, 2007

This was incredible. So easy too. The only thing I would do different next time is add a couple of Sweet Onions to the Veggies (Personal Preferance). The wine totally makes it. I found it easier coating the Meat and Veggies by placing them in two plastic grovery bags and topping them with coating and shaking. Saves washing an extra dish and mixes up the veggies well.

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Bill Butler August 20, 2006
Old Fashioned Sunday Supper (Crock Pot)