Old Fashioned Savory Canned Potatoes Made Easy

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

Running out of time, no time to go to the store. Want a sample side dish for a grilled pork chop or chicken? We all forget that some canned vegetables are not all that bad. Now I am a fan of fresh, but there are a few I keep on hand, and potatoes are one of them. I use them in soups to make a hearty soup for dinner in just minutes and now and then pan saute with butter and seasoning. Ninety percent of time I use fresh, but a few canned, frozen vegetables and beans are a great go to that you should always have on hand.

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  1. Just cook -- Nothing more. In a medium saute pan saute the butter and olive oil too to get the potatoes nice and brown. I like to pan saute just until lightly brown, they should take 5-8 minutes on medium high. The last minute I add the garlic, seasoning and any other OPTIONS (roasted peppers, pimento, sauteed bacon or scallions) if you desire. You can also add extra butter at this point if you want really buttery potatoes with a little sauce.
  2. Simple and quick and honestly -- very very good!
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Sarasota, I have to give this 5 stars because I have made so many variations on this, and I think you have hit them all. I sometimes feel guilty about buying "canned" potatoes, but honestly they to make the best cottage fries/home fries/pan fries....they go beyond the fresh potato by a mile. So, I keep them in the pantry for a quick fix. I'm sure some will vehemently disagree with my assessment. I'll stick with my opionion. For those of you who have not used canned potatoes but might try them.....be careful! They are packed in water and tend to "sputter" when cooking.

DEEP January 04, 2011

Great quick dish. I was out of fresh potatoes but did have a can of them. Surprised me! This is very good. I loved the rosemary and mixture of olive oil and butter. Thanks for posting.

teresas January 03, 2011

I had a few cans of potatoes in my cupboard so decided to try this. These was good and very easy to make. I followed the recipe exactly as written.

bmcnichol March 14, 2010