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Gayle, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I love my stovetop rice pudding and have been making it for almost 20 years, but for almost that long I have been searching for an oven-baked rice pudding that was creamy and custardy. And now I've found it! I don't usually like rice puddings made with long-grain rice -- they're usually too chewy and too dry -- but this was absolutely superb. It is very moist with lots of custard. The instructions are clear and simple and the recipe was easy to prepare. I sprinkled cinnamon on the individual servings as I dished it out. Now I know what I will be doing with all my leftover rice -- making this yummy dessert! Thanks so much for posting this recipe!

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Lennie June 27, 2002

Wow!! Now this is rice custard the way my Great-Gran used to make. Never thought I would find a recipe even remotely close. Just brilliant. I agree with Lennie, very creamy, custardy and easy. My Great Gran used to sprinke hers with some cinnamon sugar so that is what I did. Delicious. Thanks Gayle

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ratherbeswimmin' September 02, 2002

I've never made rice pudding (or custard) before. This turned out really well! I added cinnamon and substitued in one cup of buttermilk. I needed to bake it for much longer than the recipe called for, but that is likely due to my prehistoric oven. I plan to make this when my mother comes to visit next. Thanks for posting...

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Miraklegirl March 05, 2003

The cooking time as stated was just perfect. I added a bit of brandy along with extra vanilla for a kick and omitted the raisins as personal preference. The custard turned out rich and creamy and absolutely heavenly.

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andrabell December 29, 2003

Every time I try to search for a rice pudding recipe like this I can't ever find it. They all have pudding in them. Why? When this is far superior. My mom makes a rice pudding like this, every time I ask for the recipe she can't give me one, because there isn't one. She just throws stuff together and it magically works. Well, now I can make the pudding that I always had growing up too! Thank you so much Gayle!

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jamc100 February 18, 2009

This rice pudding turned out wonderfully!! I did make a few adjustments like I only added 4 eggs, and I doubled the rice. I loved it and I will certainly be making it again. Thanks Gayle for a great recipe to add to my collection.

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bert September 13, 2003

This brought back so many wonderful memories of when mom would have this waiting for us when we got back in from the barn. I made this yesterday and it was just like moms. I had to call her last night and tell her that someone else could make the same homemade pudding like she did. It made for a wonderful old fashioning chat and laughter. Thank you

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Dorothy P. July 15, 2011

I LOVE this recipe. I made it last night to have for breakfast this morning and can't stop eating it!!! I have been looking for a recipe like "Mom used to make" and this hit the spot. I did up the rice to 3 cups, just for personal prefrence, and added some cinnamon. I have never made a custard or anything with a custard and this came out perfect, not a problem. have already printed it out and put in the old recipe binder to keep forever. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

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JulieCelene January 27, 2011

I agree that this is simply the best recipe hands down for rice custard pudding. I made this for the first time on Thanksgiving 2007 and doubled the recipe without any problems.

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candacepaine November 29, 2007

This recipe has received so many rave reviews, I know I must have done something wrong! I made exactly as written, but omitted the raisins, as I don't care for them, and followed the directions exactly. Somehow my "custard" was all on top (it had big chunks of egg white and wasn't very sweet), and the rice was all on the bottom (kind of watery and extremely sweet). I did stir it once after 30min. I can't understand why this happened! Can anyone shed some light? All I can think is that maybe my problematic oven messed it up (things seem to cook at odd timings in this particular oven - at a rental house). I ate it all anyway, a few days in a row, just had to stir it up first, but I love rice pudding and didn't want even a *weird* one to go to waste! :) Any suggestions would be great - I want to try it again!

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princessbride029 September 03, 2007
Old-Fashioned Rice Custard