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I'm so grateful that someone appreciates the old like I do. I think you are the only one with this recipe and it's perfect! Thanks again. Making these was so much fun for my fiance and I, messy too! ;)

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Sweets Princess September 20, 2008

I made this today as an autumn treat. The kids (all under 9) really loved them and so did I. This will cover at least 12 medium apples. I suggest you do a thin coat and not double dip which I did because we had not prepared enough apples; the kids actually prefer a thin layer because it's easier to bite into and they get sick of too much sugar! It would be good to have a small pan with high sides so that you can really dip the apples in to cover. I will make these for Halloween for the neighbours but instead drizzle them with black then with orange tinted candy instead of dipping them in red. Thanks for the recipe!

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Canada Goose October 19, 2010

Omg. So good!!! Thanks to you, I can now easily make candy apples just like at rural fall fests, but on a stovetop in the middle of the Bronx! Next time I'm putting coconut flakes on the batch. And no HFCS and icky stuff involved here either like with storebought, which makes it all the better...

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the80srule October 14, 2009
Old-Fashioned Red Candied Apples