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OMG! AZPARZYCH these little treasures are perfect. So tasty and they have a very nice texture, semi dry but still moist. They are more like a cookie than a bun. They taste absolutley incredible. That said, I did have a little difficulty with the mix. I never added any milk, because after I added the egg the batter was too soft. I added more flour until they became firmer, I also added a little more sugar, because I added more flour. I didn't have any problems rolling them after that. You just have to have a gentle hand and not add too much jam. I used a good quality thick raspberry jam, that made it easier to work with . I pinched the bottoms as recommended and then gently rolled into a ball again before placing on cookie sheet. They cooked up really quickly, in my convection oven, watch them, the bottoms burn easily. My end results were a little dark so I lightly sprinkled on extra icing sugar. All and all, I think that these are pretty wonderful, I know that I will be making them often. My dh is going to love these. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe.

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Baby Kato January 17, 2013

This recipe is in need of a bit of tweaking. The previous reviewer said they were too dry, so I used all the milk, resulting in a dough that was too soft, so I chilled it. That didn't help, so I added more flour. Chilled it again, still too soft, so I popped it in the freezer. Still too soft, but I gave it a try anyway. Impossible to work with, so the first batch, I made thumbprints out of them. The second batch I added more flour, and it was better. I was actually able to roll a ball! They are tasty, though, but they were so much trouble I won't make them again.
Made for THINK PINK 2012

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pammyowl October 02, 2012

An excellent recipe! Followed it exactly except I used about 10oz of flour instead of 8oz, so it wasn't too soft. I didn't find them too dry. Will be making again!

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Chef_Excellence March 11, 2013

We enjoyed these for breakfast with a cup of tea. I found it easiest to enclose the hole with the raspberry jam by pinching off a piece of dough and spreading it over the hole. I did find the buns a tad bit dry so I will tweak the recipe a bit. Made for Newest Zaar tag.

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swissms August 08, 2010
Old Fashioned Raspberry Buns (Scottish)