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A must try!!! I mixed the seasonings in with the flour, adding Tony Chachere's and replacing a little red pepper with ground black pepper. DELISH!

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GoBugsy June 17, 2011

I never fry anything but an egg for the hubby on Sunday mornings for breakfast. But when he brought home the most beautiful center cut pork chops today, all he could say was "pan fried pork chops", over and over. The hubby knows this is my favorite place to come for recipes, so he actually came here and searched for recipes. When he found this one he said "This is IT!"<br/>I started with 4, 3/4 inch center cut chops. I made 2 double batches of the seasonings. I put one batch in the flour and used the other double batch to season the meat. Hubby and I both like well flavored meat and we love both paprika and cayenne. I used sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. The garlic being doubled is a given. :) <br/><br/>I put about 1/2 cup of vegetable oil into my electric skillet, as it is big enough to hold all the chops at once vs. my smaller iron skillet. And since I've never fried a pork chop, it was going to make it easier to manage the temperature as well. I dredged each chop in the seasoned flour and placed it directly into the skillet, one at a time. I cooked each approx. 3 mins. on each side and then set on paper towels for another 8-10 mins. We are not gravy people (not to mention I felt guilty enough "frying" anything!), so we skipped the bacon/gravy steps, but who needed gravy? These chops were absolutely the best either of us had ever made or eaten. They were so juicy and so tender. I firmly believe the added spices into the flour and doubling them made these the hit they were for the both of us. Hubby couldn't stop raving about how good they really were and hasn't stopped patting himself on the back for being the "genius" who brought home the chops and found this recipe! Lol! It truly is a keeper recipe and I'll even make the "sacrifice" and fry a bit more often if it's this recipe! Thanks Alan!

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Ima Cookin' May 27, 2013

Good thing to revisit pan-frying. As a farmer, this it the epitome of good ol' cooking. In moderation, this meal is wonderful! All aspects fell together, and I followed this exactly as written. There is no need to change anything, perfect seasoning, perfect timing on cooking, all which produced a truly succulent chop that was a joy to devour. Thanks for posting, this was a true treat from the past. And looking ahead in the future. Used my old iron skillet. Just wiped clean and I was done.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm May 12, 2010

A good case for pan-frying! Center-cut pork loin chops are prone to dryness, but the 1/2 cup of vegetable oil with the bacon fat took care of that! These were well-seasoned, and prompted me to serve DH a "man's meal" with mashed potatoes and succotash. DH was in heaven, and I gnawed all the remaining meat off my chop! Made for I Recommend tag game based on the recommendation of ~Nimz~.

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KateL March 11, 2014

Just terrific! First time in years that I've gotten pork chops "right".

Son said his chop was just about the best he's ever tasted. Thanks for posting this recipe, Alan.

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RedJim January 26, 2012

The spice combination in this recipe is perfect. I had a 1 pound pork tenderloin that I sliced into about 1 inch thick steaks and that worked out perfect. Missed the flavor the bone adds but still a great flavor. We don't fry food very often, but when we do, we appreciate a great recipe and this one will be repeated at some point. Great southern comfort at its finest. thanks for sharing.

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~Nimz~ June 26, 2011

Wow, these were AWESOME!!!

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angelamland June 07, 2011

This recipe was perfect for me.Quick, easy and delicious. I never have wrote a review but felt I had too for this one. My wife who is super picky loved them too. Followed the recipe exactly made no changes.

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Franklin C. March 09, 2016

WTF! I'm in no way a professional cook, but I've been cooking for 40 years plus... The recipe itself should have been a clue. I should have know better than waisting my good pork on this mess. I am so pissed at myself for destoring amazing cuts of meat on this trash! The dredge is screwed up because it does not stick to the meat. You have to dredge dry, wet, dry before it will stick to the meat. Epic fail!!!!!

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cowens1 October 18, 2015

I hunted and hunted for a pork chop recipe like this. I kept searching for "crispy" or "extra crispy" pork chops and I kept getting batter coated types that nearly slip off. I seasoned both the meat and the flour like some others and I added a little smoke salt and a few other seasonings. Please know I used 1" thick center cuts so they were thick enough to well season. I'm just so glad to have this great recipe next time there is a great pork chop sale.

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Andia J. July 30, 2015
Old-Fashioned Pan-Fried Pork Chops