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OH...MY....GOD....this is SO f'reakin good. But I tweaked the recipe a little. White sugar is bogus no matter how you cut it. So I substituted organic brown sugar for the white refined crud. I'm just not a bourbon drinker either, so I substituted 8 yr old rum for the bourbon/brandy. And I didn't use just any plain old eggs, I used cage free organic eggs high in Omega 3 from chickens raised on a vegetarian diet, and sourced from a local farm (lucky enough to have plenty of local dairy in this area), which basically reduces the risk of anything happening with raw eggs down to nil, as they come from very happy, healthy hens. In contrast with the other reviewer here, I thought the alcohol was a little underpowered, so I added about 2 more shot glasses worth of rum. Bourbon may be stronger, I have no idea so it may have needed just a bit extra because it was rum, not sure. I'd say start with the recipe recommendations, and then adjust to your own taste. Now I also bought whole nutmeg, and ground it by hand. Yeah...this is so primo, it's one of the best egg nogs I have EVER made, bar none hands down ! ! !

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AlejandroMS December 12, 2010

I made this for a pre-christmas get together for a group of ladies and although, I do not like egg nog- I volunteered to bring this, as I wanted to try this recipe. Most people enjoyed it, although some felt the amount of alcohol was a little strong. Overall, it was a hit!

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Lois M November 23, 2004
Old-Fashioned Homemade Eggnog