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These are really good. I may have made them a little thinner than in the recipe but our scale broke and we are waiting for a replacement and I don't know if I had the right amount of flour. The recipe made 22 instead of 18 but we like having two for breakfast on Saturday so that was fine. Store bought crumpets in New Zealand have far too much salt so we stopped buying them years ago.
Baking soda is the key--I tried another recipe that used baking powder and didn't allow the second rising. They were okay, but just bread, not crumpets.

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Yankiwi February 07, 2012

Loved it! I didn't read the recipe carefully and added baking soda in at the beginning with other ingredients but they turned out beautifully! The dough tripled in size within 1 hour. I buttered the rings to prevent sticking. Mine didn't have the holes like yours but that doesn't matter. I will never buy crumpets again. These taste so much better. Crumpets here in Au are very wet and gummy these taste almost like english muffins/wafles so good!!! Definitely keeper! Thank you French Tart!
Update: I made them again and this time I added b.soda later just like recipe says. But honestly I didn't see any difference, they were exactly same. So it doesn't matter when you add your b.soda. Still delicious!

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Hanka September 07, 2012

Very yummy! Exactly what I was looking for. I like my crumpets a bit bigger, though (like the diameter of a medium pancake), but they still cooked up great with the larger size. I will definitely be making these again. Thanks for the recipe!

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Angel B. October 11, 2015

Time consuming but if you've got a free few hours, these are so so worth it! Stunningly good :)

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karenelrick March 08, 2015

Fantastic easy recipe, my crumpets turned out great besides a little on the thick side with rising so much. I used baking powder instead, cooked on lowest heat on my hob in a frying pan using scone cutters I buttered them to prevent sticking. I cooked 14 minutes on one side and 2 on the other. With them being so thick I cut them in half and were perfectly formed with the holes and a lovely golden brown colour.

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Becky W. March 06, 2015

I'm a keen breadmaker and always make my own bread, bagels and sourdough, so crumpets was an obvious next thing to try. However, I've tried this recipe three times now (it's very similar to Paul Hollywood's), with slight variations in rising time and cooking time on the griddle, and I've never managed to get good results - they're really rather unpleasantly doughy on the inside. Also, holes do appear, but always close up again after flipping the crumpet, so they tend to be flat on the top - pricking the bubbles with a knife helps, but they're still nowhere near as "holey", nor as nice, as Warburton's crumpets from the supermarket.<br/><br/>My guess is that 8 minutes cooking just isn't long enough, and that it probably needs a very low heat for a longer time - either that, or traditional crumpets are meant to be soggy and chewy in the middle (this is even the case if I toast the freshly-cooked crumpets).

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Chris M. December 06, 2014

Tasted exactly like my English mother makes!

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bananabreadeater September 20, 2014

Please adjust: 300 ml = 10.14 ounces, for both the water and milk. I used the 1/2 pint measurement...so first time was a bomb. :'( I'll try this again with the correct measurements...(I was rushing and didn't caught that) My 90 yr old friend was not too impressesd.

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Chef Tottie January 19, 2016
Old Fashioned Home-Made English Crumpets for Tea-Time