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SOOOOO good! I've always made 'em and grew up eating them from the Krusteez mix. These are fantastic and everyone loved 'em!!!!

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dalahshawty@yahoo.com March 15, 2011

Just made these for breakfast this morning and what an absolute treat! Flap Jacks just like Mom made! I think I'm hooked!

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Classy Gal April 26, 2007

Very good and you know what's in them! Simple and quick. Way better than store-brought frozen pancakes that are exactly the same in every way each and every time. Boring. Just like Ma used to make. Scoop out the batter on a hot pan and wait for the bubbles then flip for a minute. Any dope can make these wonderful little guys! I prove it every time I make them. You can freeze them in a stack because they break apart. Easier if there's a piece of wax paper every third cake or so. Microwave 3 cake stack on high for a minute. These will still be waaay better frozen than store-bought. Try them a couple times and it gets easier. I'm lazy and hate fussy cooking in the morning (omelets, potatoes, timed right so nothing's cold like toast always seems to be). But a few dirty dishes to mix pancake batter is worth it. Never buy pancakes again. Kids and house guests like the whole thing too. I mean, who makes pancakes from scratch anymore? Quick, little messy, smells good, fun. Serve with sausage and OJ. mmmm

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DendoBendo November 02, 2012
Old Fashioned Flapjacks