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This is a good pot pie recipe! The sweet potato crust is very good, though I had to use more than one cup of flour to make it rollable - maybe because my sweet potato wasn't cold...I added a few cooked new potatoes and a bit of sage to the mix. Thanks for posting!

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pattikay in L.A. May 05, 2007

I've been waiting to try this, and after Thanksgiving this year fit the bill. This was very good! The crust is very soft, so I rolled it on a pastry cloth so I could flip the whole thing over onto my dish, otherwise it would not have handled well (you could also use a floured tea towel). The crust is a little more biscuit like than crust like, but still delish. A nice twist to regular crust! Prep time was over an hour, but any scratch pot pie will take that long. The directions were well written, just took a while. I microwaved my veggies til they were tender but not cooked since they would continue to cook in the oven. I sub'd a potato for the squash. Yummy! Thanks for sharing

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jswinks November 27, 2010

I Try it and I loved it. This is a must try recipe, like the chef said it is time consuming , but oh so worth it. If the stars went higher I'd give a higher rating....YUMMMMMM JERSEYGIRL

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BarbAmen July 18, 2005

I have to give this a two because the recipe didn't work for me. This could be for three reasons: 1) I live in Europe where ingredients are just a bit different (ie we don't have half-and-half where I am so had to substitute). 2) I use cups regularly but maybe misunderstood what was meant in this recipe, particularly for the mash. 3) The instructions and ingredients were too open to interpretation ie what is meant by cooked carrots - Roasted, boiled, or steamed? Or what sort of chicken broth is best (I used home-made brown stock)? This recipe is probably too culturally distinct for me to use accurately.

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dimensionally transcendental August 17, 2008
Old-Fashioned Chicken Pot Pie With Sweet Potato Crust