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This was a last minute addition to our Zaar Week Cookathon/4th of July festivities per my FIL's request. It is the best banana pudding I have ever tasted. So much better than those that use pudding mix. This is the real deal as far as we are concerned. 5-stars from all my guests. My FIL gave it 10 but he really likes banana pudding. Thanks :)

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PixieDust July 04, 2002

Very, very good. Very easy, too. I used 3 bananas, and wasn't sure on the amount of wafers to use, so I used about half of a 250-gram box. This seems to have worked well. My hubby and I both loved it and I know I will be making this often. I served it unadorned, but I bet the addition of a dab of whipped cream would be the crowning touch. Thanks for posting this "old fashioned" winner!

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Lennie August 21, 2002

Simply out of this world. I made this as a surprise for my dad. This is his favorite dessert ever. It turned out even better than my expectations. The pudding was rich and creamy. It was so easy to assemble. I served it warm with some fresh whipped cream. YUMMY STUFF. Thanks Nurse Di.

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FruitLoop August 16, 2002

Thanks Nurse Di. This is my husband's favorite dessert and I always thought it would be difficult to make. Very wrong. This was surprisingly easy and the taste was to die for. Creamy pudding with ripe bananas and nilla wafers. Just like mom used to make. Thanks for giving two displaced southerners a real treat.

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Gail Blue Eyes August 13, 2002

I made this Monday night late and put it in the fridge and then had my neighbors over for a snack Tuesday night. Today is Wednesday. There's none left! LOL! This was fabulous and a breeze to make, and delicious served chilled. Gonna make another one Sunday at the request of a little 3 year old and his mother. Thank you for a great treat!

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Chuck in Killbuck August 28, 2002

This is a really great banana pudding. I hardly ever make it because I have always used meringe on top. I love this recipe because it tastes like old fashioned banana pudding without going to the trouble of putting meringe on top. Everyone should try this--it is so yummy!!

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Dianne03 October 27, 2002

Made this for work - next time I will double the recipe bc everyone loved it! Made the following changes: 1/2 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 12 oz evap milk, 4 oz 2% milk, more vanilla than called for, topped with homemade whipped cream. Thanks!!

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candymunkeyz June 17, 2010

Yummy! I'm eating this right now still warm and creamy goodness. I used a 1 1/2 quart round Corelle dish and had enough to make two layers of everything using 4 bananas. Since I had not made this before without a prepackaged pudding mix, I didnt change anything and wanted to see how it turned out as written. Dont think there is much need for any changes...may add butter next time per some previous suggestions I read. Also, I sprinkled the top with some crushed wafers & I did use the mini-wafers which were perfect bite size. The only thing I would suggest would be maybe a little expansion on the directions of the recipe itself, particularly for those (like me) who had not made it without a pudding mix. I was unsure how "cook until thickened" actually was (approximately how long). Also, I wasnt sure about pouring the mixture hot, directly after cooking or wait until it cooled and maybe thickened a bit more. I know this seems like a couple silly questions, but they cropped up for me during preparation. I did go to the forums and got a pretty quick answer to go ahead and pour it. I did read all the reviews and noticed a few people mentioning the pudding being "lumpy". I didnt have that problem at all, just whisked continously while cooking and the pudding was very smooth and creamy. One thing for sure, I'll never use a box pudding mix again to make this. Thanks for sharing a really easy and tasty recipe!

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Sassy in da South April 21, 2009

This is the way banana pudding should taste. I layered the wafers, bananas and pudding in a 1 1/2 quart corningwear dish. I had enough pudding for two layers. Three medium sized bananas was just right. I have eaten banana pudding with Cool Whip or meringue topping but I personally like it without. We ate it warm, right out of the oven and it was fabulous. My husband ate the leftovers cold right out of the fridge and he loved it. Thanks for this incredible recipe.

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celeste and co. May 02, 2003

This stuff is GOLD!!! Thanks for one of the best new recipes in my collection.I chilled this in the fridge and served it for dessert to the family.WOW!!WE all LOVED it.Thanks NurseDi

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Theresa P November 02, 2002
Old Fashioned Banana Pudding