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I've been looking for an egg custard recipe for a long time. Before my Grandmother passed on it was one of the things she always made for me while growing up and represents so many good memories. Unfortunatly, she never passed that recipe on and I've never found one quite like it. Well, this is it - Wonderful creamy filling without being overly sweet - just right for a light dessert. This is the first time I've had it in a crust - she always just made the custard and baked it in a pan, but I must say I loved this flaky crust; I have to admit to having problems with it, but that's my own fault and pretty much expected as for some reason I've NEVER been able to make a crust and it always falls apart on me. But I eventually was able to pick up most of it and pat it into place in the pan. (so no pretty leaf edges, even though I bought the cutters special) but the taste was still wonderful. Maybe some day I'll master the art of rolling out a pie crust - sigh!!! At any rate, a wonderful recipe and the picture will follow just as soon as I get it downloaded. Thanks FT for helping find a missing memory. Made for the Welsh portion of Virtual Culinary Cruise: British Isles & Ireland

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Bonnie G #2 September 02, 2009

This rated from 3 to 5. On the down side we felt the filling was a little eggy to our tastes and a little sweeter than what we are used, I thought the cream taste would have come through more. I did have problems with the pastry but this may be because I used all butter and my pie plate may have been a little on the big side as I had very little over to do trimmings so used the tines of a fork to decorate and it was on the thin side. Thank you French Tart, made for Edition 9 - Make My Recipe.

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I'mPat October 12, 2009

Simply delightful recipe! Made in a 10" tart pan which caused the crust to be a little higher than the custard. This was a nice change from the leaves as recipe calls. The crust above the level of the custard was crunchy like a cookie, yet still wonderfully flaky in texture. The fresh nutmeg is a MUST in this recipe coming thru in the flavor as well as the overall aroma. Easy to follow directions and fun to assemble. Not overly sweet, yet delectible in it's flavors. This custard would go well on any table; from the gourmet dinner to the weekend brunch. Thank you very much for sharing. ~Buddha

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2Bleu September 04, 2009
Old-Fashioned Baked Egg Custard Tart With Nutmeg