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This was amazing. I had never made jelly before and the directions were clear and helpful. My jelly turned out to be a dark brown, probably because our Anna apples give us pink applesauce. I suspect that using a green apple would yield a beautiful green jelly. Regardless of color, the taste and texture are wonderful. Thank you for giving me an alternative to white sugar an the incentive to try making jelly.

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Donna Matthews August 03, 2013

A delicious and very different recipe to my normal one! I used 3 lbs of tart green cooking apples from our garden, and the jelly set very firm - probably due to my pectin loaded apples! The honey was a great addition to this jelly - and we enjoyed this with grilled lamb chops one sunny lunch time. Do be patient - it does take longer for the setting point to be reached than normal sugar jelly. I used a lot of mint in mine, as we all love mint sauce and mint jelly. Thanks! FT:-)

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French Tart September 03, 2007
Old Fashion Apple-Mint Jelly