Old Bay Seasoning #2

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

If you have the ingredients on hand this is a less expensive way to go-a must for crab cakes and shrimp.

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  1. Combine well and store in an airtight continer.
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Thank you for posting the Recipe for Old Bay Seasoning. I had not been able to find it in our area. I have found several recipes that called for it. I made up some this morning. I am making up some and putting into little spice jars for Christmas gifts. Also including recipes.

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A very good substitute for Old Bay Seasoning. I did use the optional ground mace and ground cardamom. To compare, I tasted this mix and Old Bay Seasoning. The only change I'd make is to double the celery salt next time. Thanks Marj..this is a good copycat recipe!

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Pretty darn good. I did a side by side taste testing. I thought it needed a bit more celery salt. It's sure got kick! Thanks for posting DiB!