Old Bay Seasoning

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

Great Seasoning with sea food.

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  1. Place ingredients in a spice grinder or small food processor-grind well.
  2. Store in a small glass.
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I've several recipes calling for Old Bay Seasoning, which I haven't been able to find where I live. I've made the same recipes without and with your Old Bay Seasoning mix and what a difference! I'm now planning to make small jars of this seasoning to give as gifts for Christmas. Thankyou for a great recipe.

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Miss Annie! Thanks for posting such a wonderful recipe for Old Bay. It's not available in Australia and trying to explain the taste to my husband was difficult at best. For him to taste it...he thought it was terrific! My crab cakes came out very well with this seasoning added in!

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I usually buy Old Bay Seasoning from the store, but tonight I mixed this up because we were out. I used it to season catfish, and it tasted so delicious and much fresher than the store-bought blend. Thanks for sharing.