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This is a pretty good Okra recipe.I'm white and I crave Okra and gumbo The sliminess of okra becomes a thickener and this tastes pretty good without pretreating your okra with vinegar. I'm american in australia and I'm eating a slice of Nawlins abroad on boxing day. Of course I don't have any file which is sad.. Had to make my own Old Bay Seasoning from scratch which I need to cooking fish over here. I hope someone will rectify this and import Old Bay Seasoning and file into Australia. David Jones in their food hall in Sydney didn't stock these essential American ingredients which are more essential to life than Coke which you find all over Australia.
However this is not a true creole dish in that it does not have a roux which is basic for all creole food. I didn't have flour on hand to make a roux. for those of you seeking a more authentic dish try this recipehttp://www.seabrite.com/jeffs_great_american_eats/gumbo.htm.
This looks to me closer to what i've had as gumbo when I visited New Orleans pre Katrina. For those of you abroad New Orleans was famous for its jazz and its food and I only hope and pray that they recover post Katrina.

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yaya81 December 25, 2012

This is great! I made a couple substitutions to use what I had on hand and we loved it. Used 2 cups frozen corn,frozen okra,1 can diced tomatoes with green chili and 1 can diced tomatoes with lime and cilantro, no tomato sauce, no red pepper flakes . Added precooked shrimp last 5 minutes just to heat and served over rice. Great meal.

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beancooker March 14, 2009

We have tried this receipe twice and will use it frequently. The Gumbo is filling and very simple to make. I did add a tbsp of Gumbo File.

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Dennis Mahan July 15, 2002
Okra Gumbo