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These ended up kind of dry for me, crumbly yet dense. The final dough was like a pie dough that just barely held together. I thought maybe this was normal since one reviewer was concerned the mixture wouldn't come together so I rolled the dough into 1 tbsp sized balls and placed them in muffin tins and adjusted the bake time to 17 minutes, this recipe made 20 tbsp worth.They didn't expand or conform to the size of the tin at all during baking. They were also a little too salty. I guess I made Chocolate Salty Balls, as Chef would proclaim...<br/><br/>I think it's because my okara was potentially drier than what comes immediately out of a home soy milk machine.<br/><br/>I did make several modifications as suggested by tokyovegan:<br/>I used oil instead of butter<br/>I used 1 cup semi-sweet chips and omitted the bittersweet<br/>I omitted teh 1 cup of sugar<br/><br/>In the future, I would reduce the salt to 1/4 tsp and mix that in with the melted chocolate mixture in the beginning to ensure even distribution. I might also add an egg or additional liquid to get the dough to a batter consistency. Tokyovegan was correct that the brownies were a perfect sweetness without the 1 cup of sugar in the original recipe. <br/><br/>If I have additional okara, I would try this again with modifications. They're tasty enough for me, just not enough to share with others.

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tyk November 12, 2013

this recipe is great. i was worried the mixture wasnt going to come together but it did and the final outcome was delicious. second time around i used white chocolate bits and half the extra sugar. still great. thank you.

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babels May 14, 2011

I am vegan, so instead of butter, I made these with 3 tablespoons oil. I also used all whole wheat pastry flour to make them healthier, I only had semi-sweet chocolate chips, so I used 1 cup. And the best part of all: I completely left out the 1 cup of sugar in the batter. They were still plenty sweet, and to my own surprise, really rich and dense, one of the BEST brownie recipes I have ever eaten, and it has extra bonus of fiber and protein from Okara!

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tokyovegan October 07, 2010
Okara Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies