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This recipe did not turn out very well. After spreading the melted caramels over the top of the cheesecake, the caramel cooled and returned to its original form, only in one great large slab of candy. I was left with a cheesecake I could not slice because the topping could not be cut. The recipe does not tell us when to add the 2 tsps orange extract, so I left it out. Orange extract appears in the ingredients, but not in the instructions. I carefully followed the instructions, as to ingredients, quantities, etc. but this cheesecake did not do as expected. I used the Splenda method and added the sweetener at Step 6, as instructed, not at Step 5, as suggested.. Accurate instructions are critical to the final result of a recipe. [Editor's Note: Recipe was updated as a result of this review.]

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TOOLBELT DIVA July 10, 2003

This recipe will be a mainstay at my house. I like the use of Splenda. Now if only someone would come up with a low cholesterole version! Perhaps one could use egg substitute and the low fat cottage cheese and sour cream....... Good luck. Alley

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Alley July 09, 2003
Oh Splendida Cheesecake