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I used this in a rented rug doctor. I have to say that is worked better then any store bought cleaner. I have white carpet and 6 new puppys.. all stains are gone. On the bad stains I wicked the stain by putting folded towels on the stain then a heavy book on top. This keeps the stain from the pad. I work at a grocery store and have told customers about this. They rented the Rug doctor then used this recipe, they tried it and came back to thank me.

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LeKitchenQueen October 19, 2009

This works even without the detergent. I heard about using a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water to eliminate urine odors when my cat was spraying. I put the solution in a spray bottle and sprayed everywhere I could on carpets, couch, etc. I found our new kitten had been using the bottom of our closet (she hated the kitty litter we were using) and after I cleaned it all up I mopped with straight vinegar and the smell is 100% gone. This is a miracle recipe in my opinion because cat urine odor seems impossible to remove any other way! I also love that it is non-toxic and safe for the environment! A definite five stars all around.

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CuppieSt.O July 30, 2008

Works great! Our new pup had an unfortunate accident after over-indulging (he pooed all over the dining room :yuck:), and an hour after scrubbing with this solution, we could barely smell it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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KrisLady May 12, 2008

My mother used the same recipe as Jerry Baker to eliminate pet odor in the 1950s. If you have to clean an accident [bowel movement] from a carpet: Pick-up with paper-towel trying not to spread the mess. Then spray shaving cream on the spot, lightly rub in and let it dry. Take a pet brush and brush out after completely dry. Variation on the odor remover recipe is a Weed Killer recipe: Dissolve 1 pound table salt into 1 gallon white vinegar (5% acidity) Add 1 tablespoon liquid dish detergent and mix thoroughly. Use in spray bottles; spray directly on weed [be careful as this kills ALL greens, flowers and vegetable plants!!]. Spray when weather forecast is sunny weather for a few days. In about three days all the weeds are dead and dried-out. I then sweep patio with hard-bristle broom and weeds are gone. Safety Tip: label & keep away from children and pets. This non-toxic formula works great on patios or gravel driveways. I don't spot-spray weeds near my flowers/vegetables/grass because they die and the soil becomes sterile. Sue & Sasha=^.^= Montreal, Qc, CANADA

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dykhuis_s June 28, 2005

I have three small dogs and this works great! Thanks for posting.

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debrab January 27, 2008

This has been a lifesaver with our new 17 month old dog. It has totally removed all the odor, and even helped as a deterent...but doesn't last as a deterent without daily applications. I've put it in a spray bottle and misted the hall, stair landing, and behind the sofa (her most offending spots). We have made DEFINATE progress in our week here with her! Thanks for posting!

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ColCadsMom January 05, 2008

This works!! I have also sprayed this and brushed on upholstry that I don't want ruined and it is also a preventative. Now if I could find a solution to remove thin black oil from a berber carpet I would be happy because nothing I have tried works! I have two footprints showing the sole print of oil.

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Montana Heart Song January 01, 2008

I use this mixture over the week-end to clean after my babies. IT WORKED. I, too, use a spray bottle and used a toothbrush to brush it into the carpet and it came right up, even old stains. I will keep using this mixture, it's better than the stuff you find at the pet stores. THANK YOU!!

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babygirl65 December 11, 2007

My kitty decided to spray my bed because I went away. The smell soaked into my mattress and I thought I was going to have to get rid of it. I mixed this solution up and sprayed my bed. No smell of kitty spray anymore. Thanks so much!!!

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amy_doster13 October 02, 2007

Five Stars! I mixed this into an empty 32 oz (convenient!) spray bottle from a "absolutely the best!" stain and odor remover (hmmph!), using Joy (I also use Ivory) dish soap. I put in the water first, because we all have experienced the overflow of suds when you put the soap in first, to about 3/4. Then I added the other two ingredients and finished filling slowly. I also wrote the recipe on the bottle with a Sharpie, right over the brand name directions! ~ I have Tom cats around that have marked my wood front door, so I sprayed that down, as well as the screen door. No more "marked" smell! In the time I went to the kitchen to put the bottle away and came back, the odor was gone! How easy is that?!!!

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KissaMew September 22, 2007
Odor-be-gone Pet Urine Remover