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This was superb! I could only get frozen baby octopus, and found that once it got boiling, it was done pretty quickly (in fact, I think I overcooked it just a tad). Removing the membrane was easy, and so was removing the tentacles from the larger ones, but the little ones, I just gave up on stripping the tentacles and we ate 'em as is. I made this exactly as directed, and while I toyed with the idea of adding some garlic, I think that would've been gilding the lily. The taste was sumptuously mediterranean, summery, and perfect as it was. We enjoyed this with some Italian bread and a nice zinfandel...it was supposed to be the appetizer, but ended up being the entire meal! I'll make this again, with whatever octopus I can find. Delicious recipe, evelyn!

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Lizzie-Babette July 17, 2003

Excellent recipe! The octopus turned out very tender. I served it with rice.

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Chef Navidad June 15, 2010

I`ve eaten octopus before but never made it.This is a very easy recipe. I couldn`t buy it fresh so I purchased it frozen. Since it was $11.99 a pound so I only bought a small 1-1/2 pound octopus. I really do wish I went for the 4 pounds. I rinsed it put it into the pot partly frozen. Added the vinegar and cooked till tender. And it`s tender! Not chewy at all! I can actually taste the sweet ocean. Thanks for turning me on to this!

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Rita~ July 11, 2003

Best octopus marinade I've tryed, simple with great results!

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Hank- BT December 28, 2011

When I just arrived as a member of this site, I simply posted a number of stars, without comment. I found this recipe very useful for cooking my (baby) octopus, and with the review from Chef FloWer, I knew how long to cook the baby octopus. I turned it into a salad after, with a Greek touch: roasted red pepper, oregano, a little garlic, dried hot red pepper, artichoke hearts, grape tomatos. There was unfortunately no feta cheese in the house which would have completed the mix. If I could change the review rating to 4 stars, I would, because you gave me a jumping-off point.

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Diann is Cooking February 10, 2009

Yum! When I was young I remember looking forward to visit family and having yummy meze served. I served this recipe with tomatoes, Greek feta cheese, bread cut into bite size and Marinated Green Olives - Chakistes Kibrisli Style. I had to use baby octopus because it was the only type I could find in my region and I only needed to cook it for about 15 minutes. The aroma in the house was wonderful and the octopus was so tender. I served it with the reddish-purple membrane but I didn't mind it as it was quite colourful on the plate. Thank you evelyn/athens - *Made for Zaar World Tour 4*

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Chef floWer June 03, 2008

So succulent and tender! I used an octopus that was a little under a kilogram (about two pounds) but cooked with the indicated amount of vinegar and the method gave it a wonderful steamed texture. Because I was having a little at the time but also wanted to keep some I placed into a jar with the additional vinegar, oil and oregano and shook a little and placed in the fridge. It was great served as a side with other seafood and a salad and I look forward to the remainder which should keep refrigerated for 3-4 days at least.

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Peter J July 31, 2007

One the most popular treats for ouzo in Greece. Loved it. I found a very fresh octopus and so I came up with an excellent meze for our ouzo. The octopus was very large so I preserve some of it in the fridge covered by vinegar and olive oil. I believe that I can keep it for a week on maybe more. I 'll see. Loved the recipe so much. Thanks Ev!

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katia June 12, 2006

The whole family enjoyed your recipe very much. Thanks for the wonderful recipe. :)

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Lifeizbutadream April 22, 2006

If you can get octopus, you should make this. I had a kilo, 2.2 pounds of baby octopus, so made half this. It is the technique that is the thing, so easy, and gives tender octopus. I have eaten it plenty of times before, but never cooked it. I will now, it is no problem at all with this recipe. I made it as is, we both tasted it, then I did throw in one mushed clove of garlic, and as it was disturbingly purple, put some parsley over the top to tone it down. Anyone would like this if they could get it in their mouth. The little suckers pick out of the tentacles very easily after it is cooked, and it was kind o fun to do, like popping bubble wrap, but different. Now that I know cooking octopus is no mystery, I will be doing it more often. The shrinkage is surprising, the 2.2 pounds, according to the husband, would be an appetizer-small-for 3 or 4 people. The leftovers are in the fridge with more olive oil, no doubt getting even tastier for tomorrow!

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Kasha July 31, 2005
Octopus Meze