Octopus Garden Pancakes

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READY IN: 23mins
Recipe by Ian Magary

My daughter Lily and I have come up with some really great breakfast creations. She's now 5, and largely comes up with most of the concepts herself, which leaves me to figure out how to make it happen... This one was fun!

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  1. Add all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Cook batter in lightly greased cast iron pan.
  3. As pancakes are done stack 'em about 5-6 high and make room to place your octopus with the legs draped over the sides looking at his jewels and treasure chest.
  4. For the octopus and jewels:.
  5. Cut just the top off the banana.
  6. The banana should then be sliced and peeled 1/2 way down so that the peel becomes 8 legs. The exposed part of the banana can now become sliced up bananas as the "gold-coins". The part still under the peel can be inverted, bottom side up and become the octopus head (draw a face with a marker).
  7. Use various berries to become the jewels and other sea creatures. The tops of strawberries become good seaweed, grapes can easily become clams, apples make good scallops and star fish -- etc, etc.

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