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This is a nice subtly sweet muffin recipe (though I {{like Andi of Longmeadow}} made mine into mini loaves- this worked better for me in the end all) - I had excellent oranges & tahini on hand and used some special sample bottle of fancy pantsie 100% maple syrup that hubby got in a Holiday basket and those flavors blended nicely... but, just needed more of a punch for us...next time in making it I would I think maybe tweak this up a bit more in flavor , perhaps use honey in place of maple syrup...maybe add some sesame, flax seeds &/or nuts for texture and just maybe less oil...(I used a bit less but I think the tahini portion could be played with and upped and and it could act as oil (will make my own fresh just before and then know the oil quantity better- this time was from Health Food store and around for a couple of weeks)...or an intro of an orange flavored applesauce might be nicer...I liked it better then my husband...{{although he warmed up to it when I toasted slices and put marmalade on them for his breckie :) }} This has potential...I am definitely going to play with this one when I have more tahini ...made for "I Recommend Game"

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free-free February 07, 2009

These muffins get an A+ for flavor, but unfortunately I'm eating a lot of crumbs. I followed the recipe to the letter, so if anyone has suggestions on how to make this supermoist muffin a bit denser, I'd appreciate it.

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sarikat July 26, 2008

Divine muffins! I didn't have raw tahini, so I made my own with peanut butter and sesame oil. Other then that, I stayed true to this recipe as this was for my whole family including my vegan son, Bryan. The other odd thing was that I threw out my muffin tins this week expecting to get new ones and never did. So I made these into small bread loaves and I might as well not even put them anything as both loaves were scooped up so fast I could barely take the picture. This is an excellent muffin or bread the orange just springs forth and so tasty you will wonder where it went. Thank you mliss! Made for *Spring Spectacular* May 2008.

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm May 03, 2008
Ocean's Blueberry Orange Muffins (Vegan)