Ocean Spray Fresh Cranberry Orange Relish

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

This is a very refreshing recipe I have used for years. It comes from the bag of Ocean Spray Cranberries bought in the grocery store. This time of year cranberries are plentiful where I live (in fact I have a huge bag 21 pounds in the refrigerator) so right now I try to give new recipes a try before the fresh ones have to go into the freezer. Give it a try it goes great with your Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoy!

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 2 cups cranberries (fresh or frozen, 1 12oz bag is also enough)
  • 1 medium orange, quartered (ends removed)
  • 34-1 cup sugar (or eqivalent artificial sweetener)


  1. Slice unpeeled orange into eighths and remove any seeds. Place half of the cranberries and half of the orange in food processor. Pulse until evenly chopped. Tranfer to a bowl and repeat with the other half of orange and cranberries. Stir in sugar to taste and store in refrigerator of freezer.
  2. You can also use a food grinder for the food processor step. The grinder is my preferred method, becaue that's how my Mom made it so many many years ago.


Most Helpful

Classic, easy and delicious! Love it. This does need to sit for a bit for the sugar to dissolve and lose the crunchy texture.

Mgnbos November 27, 2010

Simple and Refreshing. We make this every year. My husband likes for it to sit for a day to "muddle".

SunriseDEF November 24, 2012

This has always been and probably always will be my favorite cranberry dish. My aunt would make it at Thanksgiving when we'd all get together.
Thanks for posting this so i could remember the ratios!

adania November 22, 2012

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