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It's pretty darn amazing.

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Van_Gogh December 04, 2012

We've made this mole at home a couple of times and it is truly excellent. I am a chef and I have taken several cooking classes from Chef Pilar Cabrera owner of La Olla Restaurant where this recipe is supposed to be from. The version taught in her mole class is slightly different but that is not unusual in a region where everyone has their own version of each mole.

I read the reviews and I thought I'd add a couple of notes that might be helpful to those working strictly from this recipe.

Some versions call for "two whole peppers" or "two pimienta gorda." This does not refer to what we call pepper (Piper nigrum or black pepper) but to what we know as Allspice which provides a completely different flavor.

The chocolate mentioned as an ingredient is Oaxacan chocolate not unsweetened or semi-sweet chocolate. Oaxacan chocolate is a mix of Cacao, sugar, cinnamon, and sometimes vanilla so substituting with semi-sweet, unsweetened or similar chocolates will not produce the desired flavor.

If you can get it one of the best is Chocolate Mayordomo which is excellent but a bit pricey. A distant second would be Chocolate Ibarra or Chocolate La Abuelita both readily available at most large supermarkets in the Latin food sections.

Finally, as one of the reviewers mentioned, this recipe is a lot of work! So why not double the recipe and save the extra mole for other occasions. Mole freezes excedingly well specially if you vacuum pack it first. I make a large batch, divide into single servings and freeze them on a tray before vacuum packing.

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tlcnate July 05, 2012

This was a lot of work, but well worth the effort, especially because I have at least 2 cups of leftover sauce that I will have fun finding creative ways to use up! My hubby helped with the entire process, and it took us 2 hours working together to make the sauce, so make this when you want something really good and as close to the restaurants as I've found but have tons of time and extra help in the kitchen. I could tell this was going to be great as I was reconstituting the dried peppers and could smell the smoky sweetness that is mole. We omitted the salt and onion entirely and did not miss either at all. The only thing I would play around with next time is making the sauce slightly sweeter. Maybe adding more raisins as I could not taste them at all. Or maybe experimenting with a different type of chocolate. I used unsweetened dark chocolate and maybe a sweetened version would take it to the perfect point for me. Also, hubby felt that there were certain steps that could be combined or eliminated to save time, but I don't know if that would affect the quality of the sauce at all, such as roasting the almonds and raisins together instead of separately. I felt the oregano was a little overpowering for my tastes and would probably use the weaker grocery store dried oregano next time instead of my MIL's dried from her garden which is much stronger. Thanks Sharon for a wonderful recipe that I will definitely make again! Made for Holiday tag.

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noway July 09, 2010

This was wonderful, so delicious and well worth the effort... and effort it is! But hours later a masterpiece did emerge and my husband, who is new to mole, was surprised and very pleased as was I. Thanks

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Jessievs January 17, 2010

DELICIOUS! My only fault with it is the salt. I'd cut it in half. I took this recipe and added these spices suggested by another recipe: 2 tblsp coriander, 1/2 tsp allspice, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/4 tsp cloves

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nichelle_01 January 08, 2009

WOW!!! This is incredible! One of, if not the best mole I have ever made. My DBF even did the dishes after eating this and he couldn't stop talking about how good it was. I used 2 ounces bakers unsweetened chocolate, added a tablespoon of peanut butter (I just had too) and a touch more sugar. I used several legs and thighs and had extra mole sauce so I plan on making some enchiladas with it. Sharon, I'll be using your recipe if I want to impress anyone with my mole making skills. Thanks!

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cookiedog August 05, 2008

I rate this at five stars for taste and overall outcome, but there seem to be some gaps in the instructions. The cinnamon stick and herbs listed in the ingredients are not in the directions. I used a tablet of mexican chocolate that already had cinnamon, so I went ahead and left the cinnamon stick out anyways. I added the herbs with the blended tomato mixture toward the end. I omited the sugar per personal preference. I used a package of chicken thighs, and had a lot of sauce left. The taste was great, the ingredients fairly easy to find, and the steps simple to follow. Thanks, Sharon123 for making mole a little less daunting of a task! Made for Zaar Tag.

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KlynnPadilla February 02, 2008
Oaxacan Red Mole Sauce (Mole Coloradito)