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I've just got to submit a review despite the disaster we had. It's probably not fair for me to give this any stars at all, because I haven't actually eaten it yet, but when I do, I'll alter it as necessary. I'm giving it four stars right now so I have latitude later when we make it again.<br/>This mole sauce is wonderful! The aromas, the flavor at the early stages, just delicious. Unfortunately, my husband, who was seriously sleep-deprived, grabbed the pickling salt instead of the white sugar in the pantry. What mistake could be more common? I heard an anguished cry from the kitchen, "Oh, no! It's RUINED!", and had to run out and placate him, he who had so lovingly roasted ingredients, pureed them , and was just finishing the mole. But the aromas! And the flavors (until the salt went in)! Now plan B is to make another lamb shank recipe tomorrow, but you can be sure this one is going to be tried again ASAP, minus the 1/4 c. of salt! He is nearly inconsolable.

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zeldaz51 October 27, 2013
Oaxacan Lamb Shanks Mole - Mixiote De Borrego En Mole Coloradito