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Can someone help me understand what I did wrong in this recipe? The directions leave much to be desired, IMHO. It says to stir in the gelatin and let it set in the fridge. I stirred in the gelatin thoroughly (this was fresh powdered gelatin I had JUST bought), but it never set. I did some research and found that gelatin (apparently?) needs to "bloom" first(?). Which means sprinkling it on top of a liquid, letting it set 5-10 mins, and then mixing it in. So I tried that -- since the original hadn't set in 3-4 hours (was very runny), I took some more gelatin (nearly the same amount), "bloomed" it first (using a small part of the runny flan - not water of course, as I didn't want it to be even runnier), and then added that, blending it thoroughly throughout the flan. I let it set in the fridge overnight & took it out this morning. It is STILL very runny!! I followed this recipe to a T. If someone could help me understand where I went wrong, please do so!! I would really appreciate that!! Because it looks so promising and amazing otherwise!! Also tasted delicious. Thank you!!! :)

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JesusIsKing78 February 28, 2014

Was not sure on what kind of chocolate. I used 1/2 simi sweet and 1/2 milk chocolate. I broke the egg up in the mixer on low speed. Then slowly added the custard mixture. I did microwave for a couple minutes for the eggs to cook. I did serve older family and didn`t want any problems with under cooked eggs. I used almond liquor. I gave the bowl a light spray of Pam for easy removal. And it did slide out easily after loosening the first layer of chocolate. Very good! I had mixed reviews from my guests. Thanks! Gracias! Made for WT5

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Rita~ May 17, 2009
Oaxacan Flan