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This is nice, hearty, soft and rather sweet, bread. Personally, I'd cut back the sugar a little, and substitute honey for molasses. Not that the bread I have in my kitchen won't get enjoyed. Just gilding the lily a little. I used all the rye meal and all other ingredients in the listed quantities, except the white flour. I used bread flour, and added some in beginning, when the recipe said to, then added everything else, and finished with the rest of the flour. The dough was becoming stiff, so I used only about 3 2/3 cups flour, total. By the way, the instructions don't say anything about adding the salt, and the rye meal isn't mentioned clearly (is it included in "flour"?) either. Nonetheless, I managed to get 2 loaves of 615 grams each and 2 small loaves of 230 grams each. The two loaves this recipe makes are quite big. I also was afraid that only 2 teaspoons yeast wouldn't be enough, but it was just right. I put a cornstarch glaze on my loaves and it looks a little odd in places, but I'll take a picture so you can see them. Thank you for sharing this very nice recipe with us. Oh, and I used instant yeast, so mixed it with the flour added earlier.

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mianbao April 14, 2013
Oatmeal Rye Bread