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Full marks for this! Making porridge in the crockpot is a brilliant way of getting the best ou of rolled oats. My toddler even ate the whole lot in her plate which she doesn't normally do! Very nice not having to run around making things first thing in the morning too.

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Missy Wombat January 26, 2004

I put this in the crockpot at night knowing it would be cold and snowy in the morning and we would need something warm and substantial to have before we dug out and this was it! This was so warm and satisfying! I sprinkled some brown sugar over the top and it was delicious!

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Little Bee January 27, 2004

I followed this recipe exactly as is except for the cooking time (and I did not add an extra cup of water, as many suggested). I know that my Crock runs high and that most things cook in 3-3-1/2 hours on low to cook, so I put the oatmeal for 3 hours. It is fabulous! It really is creamy and it came out just how I like it. I love ooey, gooey, sticky yum yum yum!!! This texture is, of course, not for everyone, but I love fining gooey nuggets in my oatmeal/porridge s.

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mle234 November 11, 2011

I enjoyed the fact that this took almost no time at night and was ready for me in the morning since it was so cold today! That said, I found it a tad bit "slimy". Different from the regular texture of the oatmeal I cook on top of the stove. I topped it with my current favorites, chopped up candied ginger, some brown sugar, and a tablespoon of fat free half and half. I may use the rest to make cooked oatmeal scones.

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ladypit December 20, 2005

Thank you Pamela, this was soooo good and creamy. I did add another cup of water just before I turned the crock-pot off this morning - I will add the extra water at the beginning of cooking next time. I also added a heap of sultanas at the end of cooking time and stirred them into the cooked porridge. As we slept in a little longer this morning the porridge cooked for the full 8 hours and I will most likely cook for 8 next time. I sometimes (when I remembered) soaked the rolled oats in cold water overnight before cooking it on the stove and I found the texture and creaminess to be pretty much the same cooked in the crock-pot. I won’t bother making porridge on the cook top any more this was just so much easier.

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Ninna August 24, 2005

I added rasins, cinnamon, banana and apple for a delicious treat. Also added skim milk powder.

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Tebo February 11, 2004

I wish I had an older crock pot that doesn't run high on the temp side and overcooked my porridge and made it rather slimy. I think this recipe would be perfect in a vintage crock pot. I also think I would have had a better result if my crock pot was smaller. Only thing I would adjust on this recipe is the salt, maybe 3/4 tsp instead. I tasted it in the morning and the watery taste was there. For those who aren't aware salt is added to take that watery taste away. Next time I might try it in my multicooker which has a delay setting for slow cook. javascript:postComment();What I love about this recipe is it's all ready when you get up! And since we are trying to be a breakfast cereal free family (research extruded grains and you will know why) having something like this easy to grab in the morning is a plus! I will also try oat groats or steel cut oats as cooking them for the 8 hrs may yield better results.

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YnkyGrlDwndr March 19, 2013

I tried another recipe for this on 'zaar and it was a disaster. I think my crock pot cooks quite hot. I used 6 cups of water and cooked for about 7 hours using a timer. It turned out great! I'm so pleased to have this to add to breakfast options when I go back to work. Thanks Pamela.

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Funkydelia July 17, 2008

I'm not going to rate this, just comments. I didn't care for the texture of this and that is because I'm used to adding the oatmeal to boiling water. The recipe turned out fine. But if you want oatmeal that tastes like the usual stovetop kind, this isn't it. Sorry Pamela, but I felt that you would want to know that the texture may not be agreeable to everyone.

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Dorel October 21, 2004
Oatmeal Porridge (Crock Pot)