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This is an excellent bread, one of my family's favorites. Good texture, good flavor, the pecans add a nice touch.

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pansregnig August 19, 2010

Great bread with a very nice flavor. I enjoyed the pecans and really like that this is a crusty bread. DH couldnt wait for it to cool so I could slice him a piece. Will make this one again! I agree with WiGal, great for toasting! Made and reviewed for the Cookbook Forum's TY&M recipe tag game.

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lauralie41 October 21, 2009

This is quite a treat. Love the spongy texture. I, like Annacia, used Splenda and a heart healthy margarine with great results. The pecans were fabulous. This bread is screaming to be served with a tomato based vegetable soup. SO good. Thanks to WiGal for a keeper! Made for Veg*n Tag July 2009.

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JanuaryBride July 02, 2009

This loaf delivers outstanding flavor without being sweet. I can't finish a loaf before it's past it's prime so I made 4 small round loaves that I can freeze. I cut the butter to 1 Tbs of a heart healthy margarine and used Splenda for the sugar and got beautifully textured breads with a marvelous depth of flavor. It's quite crusty and I like that, This was delish for my sandwich and I see it going perfectly with soups as well as making great toast. I needed to add an extra 1/4 cup of water as it was bogging the machine down early on. For me, it's a keeper.

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Annacia May 23, 2008

Very nice flavor with a tender inside crumb, and a chewy exterior crust. I made this with 3/4 cup toasted pecans, 1/2 teaspoon vital wheat gluten, 1 teaspoon lemon juice to extend the shelf life, 3 tablespoons brown sugar, and 2 tablespoons malted milk powder because I was out of my usual supply of dry milk, and had no other milk in the house! Mixed in my ABM, baked in my oven, in Pyrex at 350F for 15 minutes, tented it with foil, and continued baking for 30 more minutes. Tagged for Fall Rookie Tag Game ~ due 09/17.

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Kerfuffle-Upon-Wincle September 08, 2013
Oatmeal-Pecan Loaf for the Bread Machine