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GREAT cookies! i think its really important to measure the butter properly to avoid spread, and beat it all as described. Even tho if you use to much it would be like oat lacies i think. The only thing they didn't do for me was harden much. Considering the low carb and low sugar amts as well as healthy fats, its well worth that! thanks engrossed.

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MarraMamba October 27, 2007

It is difficult to find a cookie recipe that is low carb and suitable for diabetics, and this one fits the bill! To make it even healthier, I substituted canola oil for the butter, and it worked just fine...I had feared these cookies would spread too much with this change, but they did not. Next time I make them I think I will pat them down to flatten slightly before baking. Since I used a small ice cream scoop to portion, mine baked into puffy little mounds with a soft interior, (not that this was objectionable). I used the optional orange zest, which I liked, but I think this recipe might lend itself to adding cocoa should one crave a chocolate cookie. Very good, healthy cookies...thanks.

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Sweet Baboo April 11, 2008

Okay, my taste tester gave this three stars, "Because it has no sugar or chocolate" ... which doesn't seem very fair to me, because there IS sugar in it, just not an overdose, and not EVERYTHING can have chocolate it in! Despite that, these were fairly easy to whip up, even if I did have to wash a lot of dishes, which I hate to do... I omitted the orange zest, used old-fashioned oats, and brownulated sugar. I had them in the oven for 13 minutes and they turned out perfectly -- slightly crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Thanks for posting!!

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brokenburner March 15, 2008

Very tasty and easy, AND healthy!!! The orange is a nice flavor touch. I think I will chop some dried cranberries and add them next time. I will definitely be making a double batch next time!

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Outta Here November 03, 2007

For a wheat free cookie, these were pretty good. I especially liked them when they were fresh from oven. This fit the bill perfectly when my mother, who does not like overly sweet things, asked me to make her an oatmeal-pecan cookie. I did use real sugar everywhere that it suggests Splenda though.

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MsLizze January 06, 2009

I would give these cookies more than 5 stars if I could. The texture AND taste are just wonderful. My changes: 3 Tbsp demerera sugar and 1 Tbsp unbleached white sugar(no splenda); 2 Tbsp oil in place of butter; vegan egg replacer; extra orange zest. I can't stay away from these! My 16 tiny cookies aren't enough- next time (like in about 2 days, LOL) I'll double the batch and make them bigger :-) Thanks so much! Made for the Please Review game.

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White Rose Child November 09, 2007

For now no stars. I made these last night and they spred quite alot and fell apart when tried to take off of the pan. I've checked with Engrossed and will try again this weekend. The taste is defiantely a 4 or 5 star and look forward to making pudding with cookie crumbles on top tonight.

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MsSally October 25, 2007
Oatmeal Pecan Cookies