Oatmeal-Pecan Bread

Total Time
3hrs 5mins
5 mins
3 hrs

This is a fantastic bread. Great just sliced and buttered, even better toasted with jam. My hubby loves this. Very hearty and yummy.

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  1. Place ingrediants in bread machine in order given.
  2. Select Sweet or Basic/White.
  3. Use medium or light crust.
  4. Cool bread on wire rack.
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Really good bread. It's a keeper to make regularly. The whole family enjoyed it. It is very versatile because you can have it for breakfast, dinner and to make sandwiches. I used Quaker Steel Cut oats with half pecans and half walnuts because I only had a quarter cup of pecans on hand. Thank you for this recipe.

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This was a delicious bread. I think it is best toasted with strawberry jam, but it would make great sandwiches, and is even nice buttered. The texture was perfect, and it rose nicely in my bread machine. I put the chopped pecans in at the signal, and they were just right.

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This is my new favorite bread. I made it in order to use up leftover pecans, and instead ended up buying more to keep making this! Yum. It turned out well on the light crust setting in my machine.