Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 10 mins

Healthy pancakes that will fill you up!


  1. Place dry ingredients in blender and process until the oat flakes become fine. Transfer dry ingredients into medium bowl. In a separate bowl, lightly mix liquid ingredients, then add to dry ingredients, mixing only until moistened. Let batter stand 5 minutes, the spoon batter onto preheated griddle for cooking. Turn pancakes when edges are firm.
Most Helpful

I'm trying to cut back on flour and sugar to lose weight and since I'm a long-time pancake lover, this recipe tempted me. I cut the ingredients in half to give it a try and I was incredibly surprised! The edges were crispy and the insides were tender and light. I did add a sprinkle of salt, but changed nothing else. Topped with a squirt (or two) or sugar-free syrup, I had a delightful breakfast! Thanks Cooking B!

DuChick June 13, 2011