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This bread is very moist, dense and has a strong, though not unpleasant molasses flavor. It's excellent for toasting (we like it spread with cream cheese) and if I like PB&Js I'm sure it would be excellent for that too. I just made this tonight (already gone through half of one loaf, though). I was expecting the oatmeal to give it a bit of texture (I think that I am used to making oatmeal cookies) but really all it did was add moisture. I let this do a long rise overnight in the fridge, took it out, let it finish rising and baked. Very hearty and homey loaf. It is not a particularly impressive flavor- just very much dense, moist, hearty comfort food. All-in-all good. Excellent, easy-to-follow directions.

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Roosie November 26, 2003
Oatmeal Molasses Bread I