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My grandmother used to make these cookies very thin and while hey were still warm she would drape them over a broom handle so they would form a "saddle." After they had cooled she filled the saddle with lingonberries and cream...yummmmm.

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vbtrocks February 15, 2006

These cookies are super delicious as well as very easy and quick to make. A very delicate, light and crunchy cookie with excellent taste. Thank you Hey Jude for sharing. This recipe will be going into my book of keepers! Just a note to add: the first time I made these I used old fashioned oats as I had no other. The second time I used quick oats as called for. I have to say I prefer the old fashioned as they come out lacier and more crunchy. Both are delicious!

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bigfish831 June 16, 2014

Wonderful!! I made these last night for an office party today and they were quite popular. Very fragile when hot, but they firm up when cool. They spread out when cooking. Cooking on parchment paper went well and was less messy than greasing and flouring the sheets.

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catcat300 December 12, 2012

fANtAStic!! i started off with a slightly larger cookie but then saw how much they spread so dropped them a bit smaller.... so good, can't wait to serve to my mom, she'll be so pleased to enjoy an authentic norwegian cookie :)

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Mel#608 November 06, 2009

DD wanted to make some cookies tonight and I was out of eggs. I'm so glad or I would never have found this recipe! I wasn't sure if you meant spread out like one bar or pat each individual cookie. Anyway, I dropped bigger than a 1/2 teaspoon (1/2 teaspoon seemed so small!) and then I patted that down some. It all ended up as one big cookie in the oven. I don't know if I did something wrong or not. Don't really care... these babies tasted fantastic. Definitely had to cook more than 7 minutes. I used a stoneware bar pan so didn't need to line the pan or anything. I'll have to try again for prettier cookies. But as far as taste - five stars!

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Empire920 April 01, 2009

I don't even know how I stumbled across this recipe other than I was looking for a quick batch of cookies to make up. My first batch made up soft but after adjusting the baking time (1 min,30 sec additional) they came out perfect. I would definetly follow the advise of baking on tin foil if you do not have a nonstick cookie sheet as they do stick. I also found if you let the dough sit for about 15 minutes the oats have a richer flavor. I brought these to our Christmas party and they were gone in a flash!! They are pretty and I can't wait to make them for easter as well.

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Babs with 8 December 19, 2008

They do have a good flavor, but nothing extra spectacular. I did use light butter, but that didn't seem to affect them. Mine did not spread out to what I would call 'crispy' and they were pretty soft. May make again, but probably not.

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djafishfria July 05, 2008

I also made this a few years ago for a heritage night at my daughter's school. They were a huge hit, with the cookies disappering and many people asking for the recipe. I now need them again for my younger daughter's girl scout activity about foods from Norway. Both daughters were in a panic b/c I could not find the recipe. THANKFULLY, after lots of searching on the internet I have once again found the exact same recipe (the heritage night story and the user name of "Hey Jude" immediately rang a bell). These cookies are EASY and EXCELLENT. I will print out and also save on my computer so I don't risk losing the recipe again. Thanks to the original baker and the poster!

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bstolzenfeld February 11, 2007

These are absolutely delicious. I splurged on European-style butter and used an organic evaporated cane juice that added a little more richness and flavor. They are incredibly easy to make. I used parchment paper to bake them on, which eliminates any sticking issues, and I discovered that flattening them with a silicone spatula was an easy way to get them thin before baking.

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Calli December 03, 2006

delish!!! Buttery, almost butterscotch flavour. So quick and easy to make with ingredients that are always in the pantry. Followed What lowfat linda said about freezing and all but one came away perfectly.

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starcie August 30, 2006
Oatmeal-Lace Cookies (Havrekniplekaker)