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Yum is right!! I didn't have enough oatmeal, so added some 7 grain cereal. I've made cereal breads before, honey was the missing ingredient that changed good to great. Thanks!!!

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Jenn717 November 10, 2008

Ohhh yum. My bread machine was already on the counter and I was out of bread, so I went with this recipe instead of running to the store. I made the med. loaf which I figured was a 1.5lb and that seemed to be accurate, it was nicely cooked all the way through. The med. size doesn't have a measurement for honey so I guessed at 2 tbsp. I realized halfway through making it that I didn't even notice dry buttermilk in the ingredient list (and have never bought such a thing!) so I added a splash of milk. Then I realized that I *might* have forgotten the oil (pregnancy brain) so I threw that in while it was mixing. I thought this bread was a goner for sure (by this point it looked like oatmeal soup) but I added a good portion of extra flour through the different knead stages and it came together perfectly. I'm enjoying my fresh bread turned into a tuna sandwich as I type! For some reason I expected this bread to be more dense and oatmeal-y, but the oats cook right into the bread and it is light and fluffy with just a little hint of sweetness. Really lovely flavour and texture, even after baking in the machine as opposed to the oven. I'm pleased that in spite of my mess-ups it came together beautifully.

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Len23 August 02, 2008
Oatmeal Honey Bread--(Bread Machine)