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I made these rolls in my breadmachine, I set it on dough. I had a little to much flour mix inside my machine and it did go over the bread pan but no problem I took it our and shape the rolls and let them rise again and they were the best. My neighbors love them also. Next time I make them I will try it by hand instead in breadmaker even through they did great.

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Mary Naquin November 03, 2002

WOW...these are simply delicious, so light and fluffy. I followed the recipe exactly as I've never been known for my bread making, and they turned out perfect. A real keeper!! Thanks so much for sharing.

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Garnet October 29, 2002

I made these rolls for a family dinner party one night. I doubled the recipe, but should have easily tripled it! The rolls were the first thing gone. I found them very easy to make, the recipe is straight forward enough for even the novice baker to follow. The results are a very pretty, very tasty roll. Thank you for sharing this recipe! ~~~UPDATE~~~ 5 years later, these are still one of my family's most requested rolls. I've begun dipping the top of the rolls in melted butter and then in additional oats once I've formed them for the second rising. It makes for a very pretty presentation. Again, Thank You for this recipe!!!

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PetesNina April 05, 2010

I won't rate this yet. Just not sure what I did wrong! It could be the weather playing a role. It's pretty humid here. Mine seemed to rise very nice during both rising times. Even after 20 minutes, these weren't done (But browned very nice on top). They were also very 'heavy'. I make bread quite a bit and never had an issue like this. With the reviews, I'm sure these are awesome! I will try these again when it's not so humid. I'll update my review at a later date. Thanks. :)

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Linajjac August 15, 2008

These are absolutely the best rolls EVER!!! You'd think with all that oatmeal, they would be heavy and dense, but they are so light and fluffy. I made one pan of 8 rolls and with the other half, I made a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread. I've never have good luck making bread, but these seem to be foolproof. I did change the amount of salt to 1 tsp and it was fine. I'm thinking of making an herbal version, maybe with dill and cheese. What do you think?

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elaeva April 09, 2011

I made a mountain out of a dough hill. :-) I'm a tad dough challenged and molded them the best I could because the dough was rather sticky. They were still the perfect fit...fit right into my mouth. Made for Alphabet Soup Tag.

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gailanng May 04, 2010

These were great with spiral-cut ham, roasted asparagus, mashed potatoes, and gravy-- a quintessential meat-and-potatoes meal. I added 2 Tbsp dry milk and 1 Tbsp diastatic malt powder and let the bread machine do all the hard work. Shaped this into 29 two-ounce rolls. These were a hit; will make again!

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Heather U. December 27, 2012

I have been making this same recipe for longer than I care to remember:) It is easy and fairly fast compared to rolling out crescent rolls, etc. Update-- I reduce the yeast to 2 3/4 teaspoons and the second phase of water to 1/3 cup instead of 1/2 cup, and increas the flour to 4 3/4 cups.

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WiGal July 22, 2012

I have used this recipe several times. Have been doing it by hand and they are awesome! Making a batch right now to go with the turkey for Xmas, they are that good. Soft, full of good flavor, this is a keeper recipe. Just signed up with the site to share this with you. Happy baking!!!

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ButteryBuns December 25, 2010

I thought I made these rolls to recipe,but when I put my glasses on I saw I hadnt.I added oats to boiling water with butter mixed and set aside. Didnt take a test for temp. Added it to all ingredients in my KA. But everything turned out fine anyhow..I loved the texture of these rolls. Though I think they need to be smaller to call them dinner rolls..I will make 32 rolls from this recipe to get just the right size for dinner rolls next time. But this size was great for sandwiches..I highly recommend this recipe..Great flavor,wonderful texture and you can fudge the recipe and everything turns out fine anyways...Thank U again for another great recipe..

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Potluck March 24, 2010
Oatmeal Dinner Rolls