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mmmm.. very easy but refined

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GingerlyJ May 09, 2010

WOW!!! I just dont know what to say about these. I was really scared after I mixed the flour into the wet inredients since it was so so stiff, I thought there was no way these would turn out since I had to add oatmeal too! But the wetness of the apples I think brought a little moisture into the dough, just enough to kept the dough together. I baked in covection at 325 for about 13 minutes to reduce the amount of times I would have to bake the batches and it worked out fine. Also I used regular crisco since I do not have butter flavored, and could not find any in my store. The cream was good, but I prefered the cookies plain. Then I just got done making them again for a second time today and didn't bother to flatten them since I wasn't going to make sandwiches out of them this time and chilled the dough in the fridge before baking and made half a batch. That seemed to reduced the amount of spreading. I got about 14 cookiewiches with this recipe. Very good!!!

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anme August 25, 2007

We LOVED these!! I used regular-flavored shortening and baked my cookies for only 10 minutes; by then they were getting quite dark. My cookie dough was sticky-soft so on the baking sheet I simply pressed down portions of it with wetted fingers. I noticed that these cookies do tend to stick to the greased baking sheet so parchment paper is probably in order. I wondered how well the apple-oatmeal flavor of the cookies would combine with the IRRESTIBLE coffee-flavored Kahlua creme; such questions immediately disappeared with the first yummy bite! The flavors combined wonderfully and everyone agreed that the semi-frozen "cookiewiches" make a delicious dessert!

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Deb's Recipes August 25, 2007

I thought this was a very clever recipe. I love oatmeal anything and had to try this. It was really good. Very easy to make and I did store them in the icebox. The cream was terrific (I had to lick the spoon to taste) I do believe these cookies should be frozen to give it that ice-cream cookie effect. All the flavors went together very nice. Kind of reminded me of an "its-its" I will make these again for sure! Good luck Chef.

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Daisy Mae August 24, 2007
Oatmeal Cookiewiches With Kahlua Creme