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WOW! Another clay winner! I took time out and made this this afternoon. What fun! I really enjoyed myself thoroughly. This time I used red and green food colours and made 2 batches of this. I used my heart shaped cookie cutter and one batch of this made 34 hearts for me. I did whirl the oats in my mixie before adding it to the flour and water. I used Quick Cooking White Oats of Gardenia Company. I have stored one batch in my freezer and 1 batch outside on my table. This X'mas is fun, thanks so much, Sara! Merry Christmas to you, your DH and your cutie pie boy!

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Charishma_Ramchandani December 22, 2002

Fabulous earthy clay. I whirred the oats and the whole wheat flour (all I have in the house) in the food processor and then added the water with food coloring through the chute. It mixed together well and then I kneaded it. We made some cool chunky looking beads. Thanks for such a great idea for a sick day using easy ingredients I always have in the house!

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ladypit June 03, 2005
Oatmeal Clay