Oatmeal Butterscotch Toffee-Crisp Cookies

Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 0 mins

These cookies are to die for!! I promise and so do all my friends, family and co-workers. I was looking for a thin crispy oatmeal cookie. I found a number of nice recipes and took ideas from many of them. On the third attempt, this is the recipe I came up with. Special notes, you MUST use parchment paper to bake the cookies on. If you don't they will stick to the pan and break (even if you grease the pan). The batter gets thicker as you add ingredients. I add the rice cereal last, so that they are crushed as little as possible. I have tried using more and less flour. Less flour and the cookies don't form. More flour and they don't get crispy. A special thanks to PanNan, who's Crispy Coconut-Oatmeal Cookies gave me the recipe's basic foundation.

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  1. Beat butter and sugars at medium speed with an electric mixer until blended; add eggs, vanilla and almond extract, beating well.
  2. In a separate bowl, combine flour, baking soda, salt and nutmeg; add to butter mixture, mixing well.
  3. Stir in oats.
  4. Stir in toffee bar pieces (don't use the "toffee dust" that comes from crushing the bars, just the small pieces).
  5. Mix in butterscotch chips. The batter will be very thick at this point.
  6. Gently but thouroughly mix in rice cereal.
  7. Shape into 1-inch balls and place on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper. (You do not need to flatten the cookies, they spread on their own). I only place 6 cookies on each cookie sheet.
  8. Bake at 350° for 12 minutes.
  9. Gently slide the cookies off of the parchment paper onto wire racks to cool.
Most Helpful

Thank you for your instructions. I advise any potential baker to follow your recipe carefully as these cookies do spread! These cookies are scrumptious! I found them to be perfectly crispy and nice change from the average chocolate chip cookie. I highly recommend this cookie recipe. I had to use salted butter as that is all I had, but I decreased the salt a little bit.

JOY1998 May 26, 2008

These are wonderful, my family just loved them. Very easy to make. Directions very easy to follow. I used the bagged toffee bits in the cooking section they were good. Next time I will try the chocolate covered bars. I highly recommend this recipe. Just be careful to not over cook, as they will be cruncher but still good.

terrick5 November 25, 2007

These are probably my favorite cookies ever!! I was a little scared watching them spread out while in the oven. I thought they were going to be to thin and cruchy. But to my delight, they were just right. I also used the Heath bits w/o chocolate, but I might try w/ chocolate next time. Also refridgerated the batter for a while before scooping out. I cannot wait to share these again at Christmas time!! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

Juleskees October 28, 2007