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This is wonderful bread, if a little sweet for my taste. Suspecting that, I kneaded raisins into the dough for two loaves, leaving one loaf plain. Even the plain loaf is very tasty. Unfortunately, the plain one got eaten before I could photograph it. Especially when it is hot from the oven, this bread is incredibly soft, though it does get a bit firmer after it has cooled completely. My only problem, and the reason I'm not giving stars, is that this bread contains no salt. At first, I thought that it was perhaps an oversight on the part of the poster, but then, I saw the "low sodium" designation in small letters at the top. Ahah! I think low sodium bread recipes are excellent for people who need them, and the more posted on this site the better. I don't need to restrict my salt intake however, so I added 2 teaspoons salt to the bread I baked. I do like this bread very much, and will be making variations of it in the future, while keeping in mind that I could use the recipe as is, if my health called for it. Thank you very much for posting this recipe. UPDATE: I made this again, plain this time, but with salt, and got a picture. It's nice bread, but I think I will use it for raisin bread in the future, because of the sweetness.

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mianbao November 08, 2013

Thanks for posting this recipe! I am NKoprince's mom she said she got the recipe from. I have always loved this recipe, I got it from my Aunt Darlene many years ago; I remembered her making it and I always loved her bread!! I have even converted the recipe so I can make it in my bread machine. I'll post that recipe some day.

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NaNa BKM February 26, 2011
Oatmeal Bread