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Very good! They taste exactly as described. Banana bread shaped like a cookie! I had a completely black banana that needed to be used and I am sure that it improved the banana flavor. I was fighting a time constraint as the cooking deadline was getting too close for comfort, so I only made half of a recipe. Surprise I got 25 nicely domed medium sized cookies when I should have only gotten 18! That certainly never happened to me before. These are simple to make and I will make them again. I noticed that some commented on the softness...well I like crunchy cookies so I left mine out on the cooling rack overnight and they were just the way I liked them. i believe that if the chef changed her ingredient list to reflect using completely dark bananas more people would be happy with the flavor. Also after eating the last one...I decided that the next time I will add about one quarter cup of extra brown sugar since I really like sweet cookies! I still am happy with the recipe however and am delighted to have a good banana cookie recipe to use up all those too brown/black bananas no one ate!

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CarrolJ March 09, 2010

I was in awe of the wonderful banana flavor & texture when I first took the cookies out of the oven. It was definitely 5 star. However, the next day that wonderful banana flavor had totally disappeared & the cookies were more cake like in texture. My group never finished eating the batch so they went to waste. I always like to have an idea on spacing dough for baking because I never know how much room to allow. I baked the cookies on parchment paper & found they didn’t spread much at all. Thank you for your contribution to RSC & good luck!

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Susie D March 07, 2010

Very nice little cookies! They have a light banana flavor. Definately taste best the first day as the texture changes (I stored mine in an airtight cookie container). I used my small cookie scoop and got the same amount of cookies as you have listed. Thank you Chef!

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cookiedog March 07, 2010

5 stars+++! Easy to make, great instructions and absolutely delicious. My stand mixer was perfect for this - steps 1 to 5 with the whisk attachment and step 6 with the flat beater. I baked these cookies for 14 minutes and that was the perfect amount of time for my oven, resulting in 4 dozen moist cookies. My kids loved these and I will be making them many many times in the future! This recipe is a winner on every level - good luck! :)

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Nif March 06, 2010

We really enjoyed these cookies with our morning coffee. I used a banana from the freezer which was very black and got a great banana flavor that lasted until the last cookie was gone. Every morning we were pleasantly surprised that they were still soft unlike some cookies we've tried. They really did remind us of banana bread plus oatmeal cookies. I will make these again and again. Good luck in the contest.

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CJAY March 06, 2010

I'm sorry, but these cookies just didn't live up to expectation. We love banana bread & oatmeal cookies so it seemed like a good idea. The cookies are very, very thin & only taste of banana bread while fresh from the oven. After cooling, they lost most of their flavor and had dried out far beyond what we like to see in a cookie. I made a full recipe but stirred chocolate chips into half of it. Even with chocolate, I'm afraid these ended up going to waste. Thanks for submitting your creation, Chef! Good luck!

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**Tinkerbell** March 05, 2010
Oatmeal Banana Bread Cookies