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I don't know... these turned out like little rubber disks for me. I think they do not have anywhere near enough leavening and I think the amount of acid (vinegar) that is added needs to be higher. I didn't really like the flavor either. I think they need some oil too- most pancakes I have made in the past that are fat free also use beaten egg whites, which these don't. I think they need a Tbs or two at least. I also found that i only could use 2 cups of milk and it was already too thin. I am wondering if there aren't some omissions in this recipe. I eventually ended up salvaging them, but had to add a lot of additional ingredients and they still weren't very good. The ones I made per the recipe hit the trash can. Sorry.

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Roosie August 06, 2005

Carol, these thin, crisp pancakes were absolutely fantastic! I didn't have walnuts, so I used toasted chopped almonds, and I substituted soy milk with skim milk. I was rather generous with the cinnamon too; next time I think I'll also try some finely chopped apples or bananas in the batter, and perhaps a dash of vanilla. Who said pancakes hafta have eggs, eh? :)

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Anu January 27, 2002
Oat and Walnut Pancakes