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This is very good mac n cheese! I am giving this a five for how good it turns out, but really a three for the directions. I didn't use onions (personal preference) but put the macaroni on to boil and while it was cooking melted the butter, added the flour, milk, salt, pepper, and red peppers, once it was boiling I added in the ham and peas, brought it back up to a boil and added the cheese to melt. I then put the two mixes, macaroni and cheese mix together and baked it for about 20 minutes at 425 uncovered. This also works out well as an OAMC by freezing it in a disposable tin, thawing it the day you want to cook it, cook it at 425 for 20 mins and voila! Dinner is served!

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pixieglenn July 19, 2008

I make this Mac & Cheese every time I have some leftover ham (and sometimes I buy cooked ham just to make this dish because it is that good!). I like to have a little mustard kick in it so I'll usually add some ground mustard powder. Or, if I'm using leftoever ham I'll also add the leftover sweet mustard sauce that I serve with my ham. This gives the dish a nice sweet & savory taste which I love. I also like to add some bacon because everything is better with bacon! I've never had a problem making this recipe. Mix the butter with the flour until a paste forms, then add the milk and whisk until it thickens (it will become noticeably thicker), then I add the cheese until it melts, then I add everything else. I don't remove it from the heat as the recipe calls for...I leave it cooking until it is all mixed together and that 1/2 c. of cheese has melted on the top. I don't practice OAMC, but leftovers keep well, and they certainly freeze well.

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Thunder Bay Laura May 17, 2009

Made this as a OAMC meal that I made and froze before the school year began. Baked it at 425 with some extra cheese on top. It took a really long time to bake for us and was just a tad dry. It was good classic mac & cheese. I left out the peas and use chopped ham. Thanks for an easy dinner.

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ladypit September 18, 2008

So I forgot about the other reviews and followed the recipe the way it is written and made myself a nice cheese blob!! Boy, was that frustrating!! Once I made the sauce correctly and combined all the ingredients I was very pleased with the taste. I gave it four stars due to the frustration of the missing step in the directions, but really loved the look and taste of the finished product!!

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Motivated Mama June 08, 2008

Very tasty! I followed the recipe as written. As a previous reviewer states, the recipe doesn't say when to add the milk - you are making a roux with the butter and flour and then you slowly add the milk to make a white sauce, then add the cheese. Family liked it and I would make it again. Made for PAC Spring '08.

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Michelle Berteig April 20, 2008

This was very good. I used 1 cup elbow macaroni amd 3/4 cup chopped ham pieces and 1/2 cup ohopped onion. The directions did not say when to stir in milk but I knew when to add so it was ok. I didn't use all of the cheese stated in the recipe, just a personal preference. Tasted and now I will freeze. This will be a wonderful meal when the snow flies. Made for PAC Fall 07

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Montana Heart Song September 28, 2007
OAMC Hearty Mac & Cheese