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I tagged these thinking that I had everything on hand. Well I did but I was about 1.5 Tbsp short on the OJ. Solution: I used Grand Marnier to make up the shortfall in the muffins and for all the liquid in the icing and Howdie Doodie did they come out good! :D. I made them for a friend who's staying with us and he's a fellow who would not love 19 small muffins so he got 6 larger ones out of the recipe. They took about 25-27 mins to bake @ 350. They came out very well indeed and his rating was 5 stars and two thumbs up. Another thing is that they are so quick to mix up you can make them at any time you feel a need for muffins.

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Annacia November 13, 2010

After reading the review of Tinkerbell, I decided to bake them at 350 F. And after 17 minutes the tooth-pick came out clean. They are very moist with a great flavor of orange. I got 12 muffins (a good size for me). As you can see I used bottled juice but 100% Florida ;) I didn't do the icing. They are great like that. Thanks Melissa :) Made for the Zwizzle Chicks of ZWT

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Boomette June 13, 2010

The flavor of these was really good. The frosting made them though! We did find they were just a bit dry for our tastes; maybe I'll try subbing half of the oil for applesauce next time to add a little moisture or try baking slightly less. I made a full recipe but only got 10 muffins, with the cups filled about 2/3 full. They rose nicely & baked in the time stated. I used an orange & a half to get enough juice & I added all the pulp in the batter. It really made for a delicious muffin. Thanks for posting, Hokie Pokie! :) Made & enjoyed for the Spain & Portugal Forum's Oranges! Event AND ZWT-6 Team Xtra Hot Dishes.

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**Tinkerbell** June 10, 2010
O J Muffins