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These are very good! The dill and garlic butter give the shells a good flavor, very complimentary to the crab and cream cheese filling. I used about 2 oz of crab meat, and added a little chopped green onion. I did have a little trouble with them holding shape, even with the tin foil. Maybe a mold of posterboard weight paper would work better. Also, I had a problem with the tips curling and cooking faster than the base of the horn, so cutting the edges evenly as optioned in step 3 is probably a good idea. I tried a variation by putting some of the filling in the horns before baking...in worked well and I prefer the baked filling, but these horns did not crisp up as well. I guess you could actually bake the filling in a seperate dish, and then spoon it into the baked horns. But the basic recipe is very good as is.

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Leta April 25, 2003
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