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These tasted great. They were a little dense so perhaps I didn't let them raise long enough as I would have liked them to have had a little lighter texture. I will try making them again since they had such good flavor.

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CarrolJ April 18, 2005

I made this recipe by hand as the paddle for my bread machine decided to play hide-and-seek with me. The lemon taste was delightful and refreshing. This is not too sweet. I'd double the amount of raisins and nuts as that is my preference. I would also divide the dough into 4 and cut each rolled out dough circle into 8 wedges to make smaller crescents. Have to keep an eye on them while baking as they brown fast. Mine were done in about 10 minutes. I didn't use the glaze as we prefer them without.

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V'nut-Beyond Redemption March 24, 2005

I don't know if it was just me or what but making these by hand was nearly impossible. I found that I couldn't get all of the dry ingredients mixed together with the wet, and once I got most of it mixed, it was so stiff that I didn't add the raisins and cashews. Rolling the dough was quite a challenge. I added the raisin and cashews as a filling inside the rolled cresents. The flavor was ok, but it seemed a bit doughy (because it never rose properly). I think that this recipe may need to be made in a breadmaker as opposed to by hand. Since my family did enjoy them, I may try making them again to see if it was just beginners bad luck.

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Winnipeg *Mel* March 23, 2005

This isn't your average crescent! Take a bite and you will notice the refreshing subtle lemon flavor. And the raisins and cashews just add to the surprises. However, we felt they could use a few more raisins and cashews. I did this by hand and found it difficult to mix. It would have been nice to do this with a mixer. I also had to add more water to get the dough to stick together. I suggest checking these at 12 minutes since mine were brown, and past golden, at 14 minutes. We will have these again but I will probably make them smaller, more snack-size. Thanks.

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Ducky March 19, 2005

Yummy! I do not have the dispenser on my bread machine so I just added everything all at once and it worked out fine. The only thing i changed was to add craisins instead of raisins. I liked the fact that the dough can be made in the bread machine. I will be adding this recipe to my "Tuesday Morning breakfast collection" for sure!

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* Pamela * March 16, 2005

These buns were really delicious!! I made them in my bread maker to the point of dough, for some reason my machine did not beep, so I had to knead the fruit/nuts into the dough, then I let it raise once more before cutting into triangles, then let them raise again. They turned out perfect and we loved the glaze, what a nice finish! The instruactions were clearly stated and easy to follow, thanks for sharing these wonderful crescent buns, we'll be making them again, good luck in the contest!

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Derf March 05, 2005

We loved these! Very easy to make and wonderful results. Perfect flaky crescent rolls and the raisens and cashews were a perfect addition. This was so simple...load the bread machine, roll out and bake. :-) I cut mine into 10 wedges and chose not to glaze them this time. We buttered them and served with dinner. These have a great flavor and I do think the glaze would make them the perfect breakfast or brunch treat and will do that next time. Thanks for sharing your contest idea with us. Great job!!

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Susie D February 27, 2005

Thank you for the by hand directions. Actually I even took it a step further and used my Kitchenaid Mixer and dough hooks. Worked like a charm. These rolls are slightly sweet with a light lemon glaze. I glazed part and left part plain. They are nice and soft. Great for an elegant brunch!

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PaulaG February 26, 2005

We couldn't wait for these to cool completely, because they smelled so good, so we glazed and had them warm. Yummy. I used a bread machine and let it make the dough and mix in the nuts and raisins. The dough that came out of it was very easy to handle and smelled really really nice. I ended up with 12 crescents, just because that seemed to be a good size to me. I found that the 400 degree oven was a bit too hot so they browned a tad more than I would ideally like (I baked them for 14 minutes), I think next time I'll try 350 or 375, but this may just be my oven. All in all, they're easy to make and very tasty.

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*Pixie* February 20, 2005
Nutty Raisin Crescents