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I was a little skeptical whether this recipe would turn out well -- but was looking to satisfy my vegetarian household and a very grain sensitive houseguest so this recipe with only 2T of flour fit the bill. It turned out to be very easy to make and was very tasty. It didn't hold together quite as well as I would've liked..not sure how one would make a sandwich out of it as described but sure tasted good. Recipe omits the (obvious?) step of draining the lentils.

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dougdo November 04, 2009

I really enjoyed this! I also used a flax-egg, and although it didn't really come out completely stuck together, it was solid enough to serve w/out it falling apart. I substitued dried cranberries for the raisins, and that was everyone's favorite part...added a little "sweet" surprise. I served it with some brown gravy. I will be making this again.

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EMcooks April 28, 2008

I loved the flavors of this lentil loaf and the raisins were great- a little sweet surprise every now and then, but not too much. I added 1 tsp salt to the lentils while cooking which really helped add flavor to the whole dish. I also used walnuts in place of cashews. I only wish this loaf had been more moist, it was pretty dry. It should have some liquid added to it before cooking I think, maybe a little water, broth, or beer. But I am rating it a 5 because the balance of flavors are the best I've found in a lentil loaf so far. Served with mashed potatoes and Roasted Brussels Sprouts Thank you!

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averybird November 06, 2011

This was definitely excellent! I had to use regular A/P flour and added salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. It was a little dry but the taste compensated for that. We loved it! Made for Zaar Cookbook Tag Game 2010.

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nemokitty December 01, 2010

This made a very nice attractive loaf. Two vegetarian teens liked it a lot, as did I. It held together well, and is soooo healthy! I did add a little salt because I wasn't sure we'd like it otherwise. I think it could use a little more in the way of spices, so I will experiment next time. Made for Vegetarian Swap.

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ranch-girl August 20, 2008

This loaf held together well and sliced up nicely. I love all the good-for-you ingredients! I bet it would be perfect on a hike to give you extra energy for the day. I subbed Flax Vegan Egg Substitute #104832 for the eggs to make this recipe vegan, and chopped my raisins because I really don't like them, but thought it would change the recipe too much if I omitted them. I liked the tiny bits of sweet flavor in there. The only change I would make next time is to add more seasonings like salt and pepper, and maybe some tamari? I found I liked my slices warm with a bit of sauce or gravy. Now for the true test... can I get my teenage son to try it and will he like it? :) Thanks Sharon! This one is a keeper!

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yogi September 06, 2005

What a great way to use left over lentils!!!!!!! I did cheat real big I had left over lentils with the first 7 ingredient so just added the last 5 ingredients and it worked out great! I did use salted cashews with no problem. Hot or chilled this was very good. Thanks Sharon!

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Rita~ April 29, 2003

This was such a unique recipe find!! This loaf had a quality to it that made it an extra special treat. The mixture of savory and sweet enhanced this quality. I was rather generous with the amount of carrot I added, and I also used coarse pepper and sea salt in the veggie mix to give the flavors an extra kick. I used a mixture of cashews and pecans and I added currents because I was working with what I had left in my cupboard. I had some worries about it holding together , but it did - and it sliced nicely as well. I found that I got at least 8 servings out of the loaf the way that I cut it. My husband referred to it as a "bean & nut bread", which actually is a good description of the final product. We both enjoyed it as a meal with a salad and later as snack slices. I liked it both warm and the following days at room temp. I loved this and most definitely will be making it again very soon.

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free-free May 02, 2007
Nutty Lentil Loaf